S.Africa: EXPLOSIVES: Black Male Suspect: Spate of ATM bombings, Limpopo

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[The suspect they are looking for is a Black male. So where are these Blacks getting explosives from? From Mines? From other Blacks in other industries? Jan]

The Investigating Team of the South African Police Service in Limpopo seek information that can assist in apprehending the suspects involved in a chain of ATM bombings that were allegedly committed in different areas of Sekhukhune District since January 2021 to date.

During the ongoing investigations, it was revealed that Syco Mashifane aged 46, from Maserumule park in Sekhukhune, can assist the Police with information regarding several ATM bombings in Limpopo.

It is believed that he is in Mamelodi, Gauteng Province.

The Police are calling upon Syco Mashifane (pictured) to avail himself at the nearest police station as it believed he will be able to assist in the ongoing investigations.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/limpopo/spate-of-atm-bombings-police-seek-information-limpopo/

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