Napoleon Quote: Religion stops the Poor from killing the rich… – My Comments

[This is a deep insight by Napoleon. Here is the full source of it. He is of course talking about Christianity. And Christianity, I have noted is indeed full of things that make you feel happy when in fact you should be sad. So in Christianity, all your suffering is supposed to make you feel good, because when you DIE, you will get a huge reward in heaven. In my spiritual days, with the fake Lobsang Rampa's Buddhism, I believed the same nonsense. So you suffer and set yourself back because in the next work, and for all of eternity if you're a Christian, you will get massive rewards.
So you are taught that the bigger a LOSER you are in this life, the bigger a WINNER you will be in the next life. Nor is there any real proof of the next life either. I was so obsessed with Life after Death. My oldest sister died at about the age of 56, having ruined her life, and patiently waiting on her death bed to die…. for her eternal reward.
Strangely, it was my father, who told me several months before he died, that he did not believe there was anything after death. That death was the end. And my dad, had had his ups and downs regarding Christianity. I don't think I ever told my mother about that conversation with Dad. In more recent years its made me think.
If only the poor, knew how the rich lied to them and cheated them; they would tear them limb from limb. When the German Wehrmacht was in the Ukraine, the Germans sent back messages saying: The (white) civilians are busy killing the Jews, and they asked Hitler what they must do. Hitler sent messages back saying: “Don't interfere”. And I agree. It was the right thing to do. Those Jews had in earlier years been on the side of the communists and NKVD liquidating Ukrainians and others. It was time for revenge. I was looking at some photos of it. Those Jews in Eastern Europe sure had pissed those whites off, and the whites DID give them a little bit of what they deserved. That pleases me. A tiny bit of justice indeed for the common whites. I like justice. There is too little of it. Here is Napoleon's insightful quote. Religion allows our society to function. Napoleon must have realised that the rich are scum. Until I studied the Jews, I had never thought like that. Now I agree. Jan]

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