My Angry Email to an American: All White South Africans should have fled & left SA


[When I posted a recent article about South Africa and a White man being murdered an American wrote something to me which irked me. It's not the first time I've heard this. Jan]

The American wrote this:-
They should have left there long ago even if they had to use dinky dinghies or tubs and headed to one of the other BRICS countries, which SA is supposedly allied with.. What the hell are they waiting for?

I wrote this:

You are not the only American who has written something like this.

But you clearly have no understanding of how life works. You seem to think that whites can just jump up out of South Africa and leave as easily as it is for you to drive to another state. I assume you are an American.
The vast majority of whites cannot leave because they don’t have the money, education or jobs to leave.

You will NOT be able to find a single example of any nation where all the people just jumped on planes and left it. What you are suggesting is IMPOSSIBLE and you cannot show me a single example where this has happened even in recent decades.

You think like a Jew. You think like a Jew or a rich person. You also have no conception of how economics works between Africa and the West. The majority of people, even if they could leave would not be able to actually survive financially in your country.

Also, with regard to leaving, it is very possible that if the USA for example, were to open it’s borders to White South Africans and if they could get jobs and VISAs to get to the USA that perhaps 80% of Whites WOULD LEAVE. But the reality is that lots and lots and lots of things prevent the majority from leaving.

I was in Rhodesia and most of us did leave after Black rule. 66% of us left in 5 years after Black rule and I was one. But the situation was different because we simply had to drive across the border to South Africa AND White run South Africa allowed us in. The situation between South Africa and America or Europe is NOT THE SAME.

Over 10 or 20 years, about 1 million out of 5 or 6 million Whites did leave, but these were the few who had the money or education to leave.

But I have other points which I want to make about leaving which I also think shows how pathetic YOU ARE.

If you just think that RUNNING is always the answer, then you are a weakling and a fool yourself. In your own country you Americans engage in masses of WHITE FLIGHT for the slightest little thing. And you are on the run in your own country instead of showing some backbone and standing and fighting back. If everyone thought like you, your nation would collapse. So your thinking is weak at best and stupid at worst.

You Americans should not even be speaking like this at all. If all Whites just run and run and run then we’re all behaving like Jews, who are the worst scum you can get. This is NOT how you hold on to your country or defend it. You clearly have no conception of the value of having a country or a government.

I think very often you people have no idea what you actually have and how through weakness you just let things slip and slide out from under your fingers.

You are not the only one but you have ZERO CONCEPTION of military matters as well. This weak, pathetic attitude of Whites everywhere to RUN is not just cowardice but utter stupidity. Whites are capable of so much. It is hideous that we are willing to throw away the blood, sweat and tears of hundreds of years of work by our forefathers.

Finally, the Whites of South Africa, if they pulled themselves together are very capable of defending themselves and fighting back despite their situation. However, White South Africans are very similar to White Americans because they think only in Jewish terms of economics, money and business. The more I observe this line of thinking up close and compare it to the political and military struggle to survive, the more I think that this Jewish type of thinking is the weakest type of thinking imaginaginable.

MONEY and ECONOMICS and BUSINESS is a very weak way of thinking and yet virtually all Whites on the planet think in these pathetic terms.

Concepts such as unity, sticking together, working as a team for the good of the group and the nation and the race are TOTALLY LOST ON THE VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE.

We cannot even think in the most basic terms of fighting back.

The system is so weak and pathetic.

I have come to hate and spit on Capitalism as a system. It is such a weak, putrid system. We have all become Jewish salesmen. We don’t know what self sufficiency is. We don’t know what it is like to stand our ground for any principle no matter how important.

White South Africans are not dead, but if everyone thought like you then we would be destroyed. And the same is true if every American or Westerner thought like you.

Unfortunately, you are not alone in thinking like this. What has become of Whites that we have never been richer and never had a better standard of living and yet we have never been more PATHETIC like now.

You must be the hundredth person whose written these words to me over the years.

Though I must admit, I am probably the only person in South Africa who believes FIRMLY in fighting back and that we have no need to surrender nor grovel like dogs.

The White race needs to find itself and develop a new backbone and a new ability to kick the elite right in the teeth and to kick their teeth out.

It’s time we tried to be men like our forefathers once were.


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