Jan slowly emerges from his cave… A bad, scary year ahead for Whites in South Africa

I’m finally able to begin lifting my head, after a LOT of study and work on something that is critically important to me. You will all find out in the coming months what this was about. I’ve thrown myself into something that I thought, although it is a tiny opportunity to spread my message to whites, that I need to throw every ounce of thought and energy into this.

I also want to mention that this is the beginning of a terrible year for the Boers and whites of SA. So I’ve been thinking of what I can do. I am having my own struggles and hassles too. But in the end, I hit on one idea that means a lot to me, and I hope that in my way that I can do some positive things for us here in SA.

I’ve been preparing something. In the process I’ve been reading, researching, scanning and going crazy. I’ve shut myself off from almost everyone except for a few close friends and family. The research and thinking and effort has been worth it.

SOME OF WHAT I’VE UNCOVERED will be posted on my websites. But many other things will be revealed when the time is best.

This year I’m going to be extremely active.

With the piece of shit who rules us, Ramaphosa, expect trouble. The whites are going to be shocked by what they’re going to hear over the next 5 months. We are dealing with a communist piece of shit who is a close buddy of the Jews. The Chief Rabbi of South Africa is his best friend.

Also with my videos and interviews and audios, you’ll see some differences. There is a lot of info from past things that I’ve not put out.

Also, in the last several weeks I got an analysis from a Boer who is the best military intelligence analyst in all of South Africa. This man used to be on TV in the days of Apartheid. He was the top specialist on our enemies. I’ve been studying and reading his latest analysis which he kindly let me have.

I’ll probably do an audio about part of it. This is a man who can predict and think ahead. He’s the VERY BEST on our side. He was high ranking in military intelligence. Our top guy. He was a friend of my late mentor Dr Chris Jordaan, who died in 2007.

The whites of SA are going to get a number of shocks by June this year. But the whites must hang in there. However, I assure you, they’ll hear nastier things than they’ve heard before. But the whites must NOT lose faith in themselves. We’re in a good position. 

Keep watching my sites. You’re going to read and hear things you’ve never heard before.


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