VERY IMPORTANT: I’m back in court today with the Jews…


I’m back in court today, with the Jews, so I won’t have time to post anything on the websites. This is, hopefully, the last time we appear for this case. So I’m expecting the magistrate to make a ruling. This will determine whether the court order that was issued against my websites, is either:
(a) Upheld and made permanent.
(b) Totally removed.
(c) Modified.

Even if I were to lose, there is a strong possibility it will be modified.

I say this, because the last court order was the nastiest one that any Website owner, Journalist, Writer or Author could have received in the history of the world, EXCEPT FOR, having your website shut down totally. The last court order was nasty. But I was unprepared, and caught off guard – ambushed if you will.

I have planned for either any of the above 3 outcomes.

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