Hein Marx: Can Whites secede from South Africa legally? My Initial comments


[A good friend of mine asked me what I thought of plans that whites could secede from South Africa. The key man in this is someone called Hein Marx. I've not studied him. But these are my initial thoughts until I get more data. Jan]

Without knowing the details, my general feeling is that I’m skeptical as to whether anyone can secede. I would like to see the processes involved. I’ve HEARD people saying that it’s legally possible. But I want to see it happen. I do not believe that the “world” will allow it. I want to hear what it is, and how long it will take and what the hoops are that we must jump through. I find it hard to believe that we can secede peacefully or legally. IF there is a proper legal process that is internationally recognised and can work, then what I would like to know is what the requirements are. Must we whites have a referendum and be more than 50% or what? If its that simple, then why don’t we go for it? Because that would be the easiest way out. South Sudan seceded, and that involved a war. I find it hard to believe that through legal methods alone, that one can achieve these things. But I’m interested in hearing what Hein has said or claimed. I have heard good things about him. If we whites can secede legally, we should grab it with BOTH HANDS and get the fuck away from the ANC.

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