From Jan: A Hectic Weekend … shows and videos… LOVING LIFE show…

Just a note: I’ve been winding up my Hate Speech activism, but it ended on high note. The highest note was being invited on to the Loving Life Show which is run from Australia but tells the truth about White South Africans and the reality of life in South Africa. Loving Life were big on Youtube but recently the Jews threw them off Youtube.

The story of how I got on to Loving Life is convoluted, but it was really awesome.

And what a way to end the very intense activism regarding Hate Speech Laws.

I then created 2 videos for Whites – to help Whites in America, Germany and South Africa.

And then I did a hell of a long, but really fun show with young South African Boers this evening, Sunday.

So it is the most exposure I’ve had to South African audiences perhaps ever.

But the crux of it all was the Hate Speech stuff and warning the Whites how this law is going to totally screw them over big time.

But I really enjoyed all the chats.

It was very good, very positive and also very surprising!

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