Dumb ass South Africa … wearing masks is compulsory in public now… & Wealth Tax on Whites…

The other day when I went for my weekly grocery shopping, I saw that everywhere I went, I was being told I could not enter. Every shop and every business without fail is now forcing you to wear a stupid mask!!!! How idiotic.

But I won’t comment further. There are aspects of this that are good. When your enemy is doing stupid things … that is harming him more than us … one should not complain too much!

They are destroying everything without us even having to lift a finger. That is nice!

The weaker they are the better.

There is talk of imposing a Wealth Tax, and of course, rest assured it will be aimed at whites and not the rich blacks or Jews. Only on the common white. If you own a small house, even 2 or 3 bedrooms, then you are regarded as "rich".

We will see if the stupid idea for a wealth tax flies. I hope not. But if it does, I think it will freak whites out because more people will need to pay it.

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