Continual attempts to hack into servers … watching it Live…

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Yesterday while setting up the new server and getting things running again, I was looking at additional logs one of which was showing how people are trying to break into my server.

It was the first time that I was looking at a server log that shows attempts as people try to login to the server. There is a way to monitor server logs where you watch it "live" so that as the server writes into the log, that you can see the entries coming up one after the other as they occur.

It was quite amazing to watch how people are trying to login with various user ids and passwords and being rejected by the server. And there is no need to pause or to wait. You just see one attempt after another as you’re watching! I was quite amazed by this.

There must be lots of robots, scripts, programs and also humans who are trying to break into servers. And you see their IP addresses and the user names they’re trying to hack in with.

It was quite something. I was astounded!

The Internet is a place to be careful of. A lot is going on.

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