Books Works of Jan Christiaan Smuts

A Century of Wrong (1900)

Botha, Smuts and South Africa (1946)

General Smuts’ campaign in East Africa (1918)

Old Master: The Life Of Jan Christian Smuts (1944)

Jan Smuts, being a character sketch of Gen. the Hon. J.C. Smuts, K.C., M.L.A., Minister of Defence, Union of South Africa (1917)

The Empire and the war: the voice of the Dominions (1917)

The league of nations; a practical suggestion (1918)

The coming victory (1917)

The British commonwealth of nations (1917)

War-time speeches; a compilation of public utterances in Great Britain (1917)

An historic speech: after war problems (1917)

Holism and evolution (1926)

General Smut’s message to South Wales (1918)

Obergruppenfuhrer SS

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