Boers: How Cecil Rhodes (agent of Jewish Rothschilds) and the British started WW2 & Boer Concentration Camps

[This is from an email exchange with a follower of mine. Sadly, I've been too slow in posting this and the video he's referring to has been taken down. But I will publish the full report. Jan]

Here’s the email:

Hi Jan,

The next big documentary that is taking off, in our favor, is this one from the Corbett Report.

It’s about how Cecil Rhodes and how the British started WWI and the British death camps.

It has 275,000 views just in the last month.

It draws on the work of Carroll Quigley and two Irish historians who did follow-up history (Gerry Docherty and Jim Mcagregor).

I have their book Hidden History, which is mentioned in the documentary. It has the details that Nicolas Kollerstrom’s book, "How the British Started Both World Wars," doesn’t.

Here is their summary:

This and AHGSNT make the perfect combination. How would I love to get both those documentaries on US national television?

Worth posting at History Reviewed.

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