Audio: Very Important: For Whites: Top Military Intelligence Analysis for South Africa (2019)

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This very important analysis is from a man who is probably the best military intelligence analyst in South Africa. He does political intelligence analyses for clients of his. He stopped working for the Govt and the military a long time ago. He was already contributing to books in the 1970’s.

The late Dr Chris Jordaan, my mentor, who had been in military intelligence for 20 years gave me 2 of his analyses in 2006 which I was allowed to publish. These were the best predictions of the future of South Africa that I’ve ever come across. Some of those predictions from then, are still true.

While going through the predictions from 2006, I tried to contact the analyst in case he was still alive, and indeed, to my amazement he replied to me and sent me his analysis from November 2018, about our new communist president, masquerading as a “Liberal Businessman”.

In 2001, approximately, I met General Tienie Groenewald at his house and asked him for input for my book. He warned me against one black man only. He said to me: “If Cyril Ramaphosa ever becomes the president of South Africa, then the whites are FINISHED.”

That is recorded in my book, Government by Deception.

When Ramaphosa became the President recently, he immediately said that the ANC must focus on the land issue … the seizing of farms.

So the analysis I read, is what the our top analyst wrote in November 2018.

In this analysis he talks about governmental decay and also governmental implosion. He ends with a fascinating analysis wherein he discusses “repositioning the whites”.

You are in for a real surprise in this analysis. I read it and I discuss it, step by step.

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