2020: The Dumbest Year in the History of Western Civilisation

I was talking to a frustrated supporter of mine in the USA who was battling to work from home. Then I told my supporter that in South Africa, we’re doing even less.

If it wasn’t for The White Man’s Magic, that being science and technology, we would not have the Internet, computers and phones which thus allow COMPLETE MORONS to engage in sheer idiocy, stupidity and madness like never before.

This year, which should be a year of looking forwards, onwards and upwards, is instead the year of the most needless, TOTAL STUPIDITY, ever conceived in the history of the world. South Africa, is unbelievably idiotic, to levels that you in Europe and America would not believe.

I was reading about some of the news and the decisions of our "leaders", who have IQ’s lower than that of snails I tell you.

Never, in the history of the world, has so much stupidity been carried out, on such a vast scale, in such a short time! NEVER!

If Hitler, or Napoleon, or Caesar, or any of the hundreds of great white leaders from the past had to see our technology on the one hand versus the total F*CKING stupidity of "Dumbocracy" on the other hand, they would just sit in sheer awe and wonderment that this is even possible!

Hitler would laugh and say: JEWS! See… I tried to warn you all!

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