In recent years in South Africa a very irritating problem popped up out of the blue
which really seemed to only result in needless divisions among Whites, especially
the Afrikaans speakers. I tried for long to ignore it. But then I began to keep an
eye open when I was researching South African stuff and I noticed a pattern. More
recently, I met an academic whom I could ask about this issue, and he gave me a
slam-dunk answer to this irritating issue. And what he told me confirms my bit of
research as well. The real answer is very fascinating and it bears a similarity to
a certain "German" problem. But, I want you to hear the actual answer out of the
mouth of a proper Boer academic. Then you’ll see that this whole load of nonsense
disappears. I assure you the answer will surprise everyone.

As a general comment there are a lot of spies among Whites, including the Afrikaans
speakers. There are LOTS of people who are PAID GOVERNMENT INFORMERS.

Whites everywhere face the same problem. It’s nothing new.

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