S.Africa: White Rebellion: Nothing came of Boeremag missile plan

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[I did not know it at the time, but these people were serious. Lots of them ended up in jail. Jan]

Here’s the original article:

Nothing came of Boeremag missile plan

[Sounds like a lot of big talk and hot air among the Right Wing plotters. And RPG is not a missile – its a hand-held rocket. Jan]

Self-confessed Boeremag coup plotter Lourens du Plessis on Tuesday told the treason trial in Pretoria of plans to involve members of the police’s disbanded “execution squad”, the Civil Cooperation Bureau (CCB), in the coup.

According to Du Plessis, he had a meeting with one Boet Roos in 2001. Roos claimed to be a former member of the CCB and told him he knew other former members and could get a missile. Nothing ever came of this plan.

Du Plessis also testified that a man known only as Hercules had told him he could get RPG7 missiles at R5 000 each in case “there was trouble” in the country. Du Plessis had used this “fact” in one of his speeches at a series of meetings in various parts of the country.

Du Plessis became disenchanted with the coup plan and the man allegedly behind it — Mike du Toit — after police searched his house in October 2001 and a number of rightwingers tried to get him to “take an oath” and donate large sums of money “towards the cause”.

Du Plessis was initially arrested on a charge of treason, but later decided to become a state witness in exchange for possible indemnity from prosecution.

He told the court he had always mentioned in his various speeches that blacks in South Africa “were not the problem”. Asked to elaborate, he said the ideology of people was the real problem.

“If you have Jesus Christ in your life, you won’t steal, murder or chase people off their farms. This goes for black and white people, but blacks were used in this process,” he said.

Du Plessis could not say what would have happened to blacks in South Africa if the coup plot had actually been carried out, but said the majority of people he had dealt with had not agreed with a detailed plan to chase blacks out of the country.

The trial was on Tuesday once again delayed because of problems with the Legal Aid Board. Piet Pistorius, who used to represent 12 of the accused, said he now only appeared for one client, who paid him out of his own pocket.

He and attorney Paul Kruger had not received any instructions yet in connection with the other accused and a new advocate who had been appointed for five of them had also not yet received instructions from the Legal Aid Board.

Judge Eben Jordaan said he did not want to prejudice any of the accused, and would rather have Du Plessis’s cross-examination stand down until the problems with the board had been sorted out.

He likened the trial to the Titanic, saying that it was “difficult and slow” when one tried to turn it around.

Source: Daily Mail & Guardian
URL: http://www.mg.co.za/Content/l3.asp?ao=66152

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