S.Africa: MIXED RACE: Is a Black Liberal Politician married to a Rothschild? – Is she Jewish

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This is doing the rounds on a big scale here in South Africa among Whites. This will give you an idea of the horror of Black rule.

[A lady in SA sent me this question. Jan]

She wrote:
Just a quick question. Is it true that musimaimane’s wife is a rothschild?

My thoughts:
This is from wikipedia: Maimane has been married to Natalie Maimane since 2005.[6] They have three children together.

I don’t see any reason to believe his wife is special. She’s probably just an idiotic White South African Liberal. My late pal, Fanie Kruger, whom I referred to as my Boer NAZI pal, was of the view that this woman might be Jewish. But I can’t find any real proof of that.

So it is possible she is Jewish, but I don’t have any information that she’s a Rothschild. I highly doubt that. But Jewish is a possibility – maybe.

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