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Video: BANNED: How the Jews infiltrated the Vatican & changed the Catholic Church
On Youtube this was one of my videos that began to go viral, which they then stopped. I regard this as a very important old video and I have fixed audio problems and also added some additional comments to the front of this video. This audio is so important that all Christians and even non-Christians should listen to this. This is a fantastic example of how Jews will infiltrate and change virtually everything. I also discuss Zionism.

Just a note, 2 days ago, I looked into the issue of what is going wrong with my videos and one of my technical pals discovered that I had changed my encoding. I had made changes but I did not realise the far reaching consequences. All my videos have been using the new encoding for quite a long time. I think I’ve been using this new encoding since late October 2023.

I have decided, for the time being to go back and to redo all the videos that have that new encoding.

There are quite a lot of videos to change, going back to October 2023. I will do the rest in the next week. The problem is that the new encoding does not work on all browsers and that it what is causing the problem for folks.

I’ve changed these 2 so far:
Video & Audio: The Gods of War: Julius Caesar: Bravery can save you, Cowardice can KILL YOU!! – https://historyreviewed.best/index.php/video-audio-the-gods-of-war-julius-caesar-bravery-can-save-you-cowardice-can-kill-you/


Video & Audio: S.Africa: A Shootout near my Home along with Police Helicopter action – https://historyreviewed.best/index.php/video-audio-s-africa-a-shootout-near-my-home-along-with-police-helicopter-action/

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Expropriation Bill: The Government can seize your property without paying you for it
This organisation is fighting the Government in court over this bill. You can support them.

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