The Super Rich are RICHER than you think … Money is being hidden like crazy…

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In recent weeks when I dug into billionaires in Africa. I realised that the way people are classified as rich is itself deliberately flawed.

e.g. Forbes only lists people as per their wealth in PUBLIC COMPANIES. If your money is not in a public company then it does not count.

Subsequently, I have discovered that in London you get a very strange type of bank, where you get banks that have only got 1 client. And there are hundreds of them!

I think they say that Bill Gates for example, only shows 1/4 of his actual wealth. The rest of his wealth is hidden away through these strange banks.

But it gets even weirder. The British Economy, especially in London, is home to the biggest secret network for storing wealth that you can imagine. And its all hidden through secrecy and all sorts of twists and turns. Britain controls most of the world’s tax havens. The super rich and of course Jews must be playing enormous roles in this.

Apparently in Britain, a banker CANNOT BE PUT IN JAIL. I’m serious. Bankers cannot go to jail. The banks are at the core of the enormous, secret Jewish/British financial empire.

I’m still going through stuff, but the big take-away is that all the numbers you see about the rich and the super rich and Jews is a tiny portion of their actual wealth. Its all hidden away through complex and twisted and even totally secret paths.

White people … we’ve been lied to… and the super rich, Jewry and all the elites of the West … have much, much, much more money than you can believe.

We are nothing but peasants with pitchforks.

You will also NEVER see the Jewish Rothschilds listed on any list of the richest people in the world. At the very least, these are worth more than $1 trillion, but in reality probably a lot more. You will NEVER see Rothschilds listed among the world’s richest people.

I noticed that the South Africa Jew, Nicky Oppenheimer, officially, had his wealth dropping by over $1 billion between 2018 and 2019. However, that cannot be due to losses. I suspect, that this is an occasion where these monies flow and move… and disappear into other realms and drop off the charts.

So I urge you to watch the rich. The scum sucking pigs … are FAR FAR FAR richer than you can even begin to believe.

We have no idea what these filthy rich and the Jews are really up to.

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