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[Here is a photo of the 2nd richest man in SA, Johann Rupert, worth a staggering $5 billion.

I have much I want to say about the rich – not just the Jewish scum who are fiends and a race of greedy liars – but also about the “white rich”. I have observed the whites who have money, and many of them are filth. Not all of them. But a large portion of them are garbage. They’re all keen to live in SA while the going is good and they side with the blacks, suck up to the blacks and kick the rest of the whites in the face because their bank a/cs are bulging. However, as you will see, the rich are really WEAK when it comes to having loyalty to a country that you would think they are rooted in. You won’t see them fighting for the country. No instead you see how weak they are. Now the 2nd richest piece of shit wants to leave the country. This is one of the reasons why the rich themselves are useless as leaders. Stop worshiping money.

I’ve seen Liberals, Jews and the Rich at work here in Johannesburg and I have nothing but the UTMOST CONTEMPT for these people.

As for this Rupert fellow, I think it was his father who was active when Dr Verwoerd ruled this country. The Rupert of that time was extremely angry with Dr Verwoerd and was trying to oust him and destroy him. He was enraged with Verwoerd because all his demented mind was concerned with was BUSINESS.

So where has that led his own family to? Now Rupert wants to leave SA? WTF is that? Is this a sign of STRENGTH from the super-rich?

I don’t know if Rupert or the Ruperts ever converted to Judaism. So I can’t say if these scum are Jews or whether they are just white traitors to their own kind.

Remember this: The Jews & Rich RUN … and the common whites CANNOT RUN … instead their lot is to fight and die. That’s how this works. That’s what has happened in many white countries in the past. South Africa is no different.

Note in the article below the “EFF” are Julius Malema’s communists. This is par for the course in this country … the rich garbage deal with anyone and anything. I lost every ounce of respect I once had for the rich.

I have nothing but the utmost contempt for the rich … even the whites who get rich. I’ve never seen them stand up for anything. NEVER. I also have no sympathy for them. Jan]

With more than $5 billion (R70 billion) to his name, Johann Rupert has more money than most of us could even fathom. One of South Africa’s most recognisable billionaires is actually the second-richest person in the country – just behind Nicky Oppenheimer – but that status could soon be lost for the Stellenbosch-based investor.

Johann Rupert predicts an uprising

Speaking to investigative journalist Pieter du Toit for his Stellenbosch Mafia book, Rupert revealed to the author his concerns about the future of South Africa. In quotes carried by Business Day, the money-man said he wouldn’t mind helping Cyril Ramaphosa out with economic reform… if he’s asked:

“An ‘Arab Spring-type event’ could take place [regarding the economic situation], and there’s likely to be riots on the streets. I think we’ll be at the Internation Monetary Fund (IMF) in a year’s time… I’d like to have contact with Ramaphosa, but I’m not going to force myself on him.”

Johann Rupert

Why Johann Rupert wants to leave South Africa

However, Rupert also suggested that staying in South Africa may not be something he’s too keen on. The luxury watch tycoon has told the media that he could be influenced to leave the country due to the threat of a David Mabuza presidency, and the negative perception he and his family are receiving.

Johann Rupert is fearful that SARS could try and sabotage him, despite being one of the nation’s biggest taxpayers. He’s apparently fed-up with being portrayed as the face of white monopoly capital, and is ‘starting to take the insults personally’…

Insults and accusations

Last month, it emerged that the EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu had met with Rupert to discuss funding for a hospital in Limpopo. It seems the two were on cordial terms, despite the red berets’ constant attacks against the billionaire. The hypocrisy has wound him up, and he wouldn’t have been best pleased with Jacob Zuma’s latest utterances, either:

JZ made the extraordinary allegation that Rupert threatened to “tank the Rand” if Pravin Gordhan was fired as finance minister in 2017. Sure enough, PG was axed during the now-infamous midnight cabinet reshuffle, and ZAR took a nosedive. However, it was that erratic decision alone – and not outsider interference – which spooked the currency.

Source: https://www.thesouthafrican.com/news/how-much-money-johann-rupert-net-wealth-leave-sa-why/

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