South Africa: 75% of Small-Medium businesses might go bust – also: Starvation


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I quickly dashed out to the shops today to buy a few things, and I was watching the whites and blacks everywhere. Lots of people wearing those masks which do NOT protect you … but which protect others from you!!!

There were almost no newspapers left. The only one there, had a headline "Save our economy".

But on the way to the shops I saw posters from the Sowetan newspaper which had a headline like this: "75% of SMEs will fail".

I can’t find an article on their site about this. But I take this to mean: SME = Small to Medium Enterprise.

So if I’ve got it right, then it means they’re expecting a shocking 75% of small and medium businesses to FAIL and go BUST!

Again, I ask myself the question: How long is this black Jewish bastard, Ramaphosa, going to keep the lockdown going? I have a creepy feeling this could be longer than people expect. He even "joked" with journalists by saying he didn’t say "which year" he was lifting the lockdown!!!!

As I have warned you, the MEGA BUSINESSES, the billionaires and Jews, will survive the economic hell, in South Africa and the USA, etc AND they will take a BIGGER SHARE OF THE ECONOMY AFTERWARDS!!! And that headline suggests exactly what I’ve been warning of.

If 75% of small and medium businesses go bust, it will be a nightmare here. Lots of whites have small businesses, and they’ll be finished.

Like I’ve said, when this train hits people, they will be shocked by what is going down.

Furthermore, I saw on a billboard that blacks were saying, they’re more worried about STARVING than about the Corona. That is a thought that is on my mind too. And we know what Jews did to the Ukrainians in the holodomor.

The big thing to watch is this swine Ramaphosa, and whether the lockdowns just keep on getting extended. I’m concerned about this.

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