S.Africa: Farm attack: White Elderly couple ambushed, woman viciously beaten, Kameeldrift West

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[These are White Afrikaans people who were attacked. A "bakkie" is a pickup truck. Jan]

A farm attack took place on Sunday 30 May 2021, in Kameeldrift West, in the Gauteng province of South Africa. Hannes Botha (80) and his wife Emmerentia (57) were ambushed in their home when they arrived at their smallholding.

When the couple arrived home Emmerentia opened the door, as she stepped inside the two attackers were waiting.

Mrs. Botha was suddenly attacked and viciously beaten with a stick, she fought back, struggling with the assailant and in the process injured her knee whilst receiving violent blows to the head and body.

Hannes came into the house to assist, press the panic alarm and retrieve his firearm from the safe. The attacker then ran out the house and fled with his accomplice in Hannes’s bakkie.

The bakkie’s tracker was activated and a local security company, SDS Protection and the Police did manage to arrest one of the attackers and recover the vehicle in Laudium. The other attacker ids still being sought.

Emmerentia was taken to a hospital in Pretoria where she is receiving medical attention.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/gauteng/farm-attack-elderly-couple-ambushed-woman-viciously-beaten-kameeldrift-west/

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