Reader: COVID-19 is nothing more than a New Cold virus…

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One of the readers of my websites makes these points, which I am pretty much in agreement with. This is either a cold or flu virus and nothing more and there are hundreds of them. The reader wrote:

Covid-19 is a "new" cold virus, thus the term "novel" as it means new! There are over 200+ cold virus in existence. Most anyone at any time will carry a cold virus in their system but not actually have a cold. This is a virus hoax on the planet. If this was real ,children would be getting this cold first because children are the #1 most susceptible to getting a cold. They are the newest creatures on this earth and their immune system is not fully developed. That is why when you go into a daycare center any time of year at least two or more kids till have a runny nose. Every kid in the world world have this cold about now instead of the fact they are telling us children aren’t getting it. It is a hoax. People that are dying in the hospitals are dying from natural causes, natural deaths as would be normal or dying from prescription drugs. The hospitals were all directed in their CDC guidelines to "assume" all patients are Covid-19 and list their deaths as such. No testing required! Read it for yourself. And while you are there look for the fact that 18 months is how long this will go on and on and on.

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