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[This is on Lorenz Krauses blog. I think he wrote this. I know he read my book and liked it a lot. Jan]

Jan Lamprecht is the host of a popular podcast called History Reviewed Channel, “where we analyze the lies and deceptions of history.”

He has done deep podcasts on Hitler, Napoleon, and Caesar.

In The Great Jewish Mask, Jan shows how Jews have nation-wrecked, since Babylon, leaving nothing of their own behind.

Jan has worked to warn everyone about ANC-operative, and AMREN speaker, Simon Roche and his dangerous and defeatist Suidlanders group.

Jan interviewed the energetic and optimistic Alfred Schaefer who showed an impressive command of Jew-caused WHITE GENOCIDE and how Europeans across the world are waking up to it, at an exponential rate.

Jan provides a unique combination of life experience, having lived through the transition from white to black governments, in both Zimbabwe and South Africa. He draws on personal contacts with military, intelligence, and political figures to provide insights into South African politics. Most impressively, he spotted a Jewish effort to oust South African President Jacob Zuma, before his term expired. He is the only analyst in the world who called it months in advance.

South Africa is a much under-reported region of the world, but a region of great interest to those with a concern for European descendants who are under racial stress. These descendants, now-termed Afrikaners, once settled the farthest reaches of Africa to make a First World country. Jan’s popularity is based on this worldwide hunger for information on South Africa, his engaging style, and his solid information born of good judgement.

Winning Sympathy is the Communist Struggle.

Many fans of Jan Lamprecht don’t know that he wrote a fascinating and professionally-produced book called Government by Deception: Psychopolitics in Southern Africa (Tiger Maple Press 2002).

Psycho-politics are the communist mind-games used to win power.

Jan’s angle is psychological. He observes how communists work psychology, at the tactical level, while trying to achieve “power forever.” Power-forever is when the communist-few impose their mindset on the majority and use it against any opposition. The small clique of communist elites aim to rule, with the appearance of the will of the majority, gaining democratic legitimacy and immunity. To get there, the communist is always at war to win your sympathies. He aims to hijack your mind to communist sympathies with a society-wide sympathy-cult.

Albeit, Jan doesn’t discuss Jews in his book, we can apply his lessons with ease.

Winning sympathy is what the communist does to win. Jan asserts that communism is a war by the weak to defeat the strong. This we know is, naturally, a Jewish ploy. Winning sympathy for weakness is the communist struggle. The uglier the Jew the better. The weaker the Jew appears the better. The more of a minority the Jew seems to be the better. How often are people prone to say that the Jew is not a threat because Jews are “so weak, such a minority, such victims of history? Forget about the harmless Jews.” That is communist victory.

Battlefield losses don’t phase communists. With an endless supply of black troops willing to fight racism, a communist battlefield loss proves how strong you are, and is reason why blacks should join their cause to defeat you. Winning is losing. When communists set the terms of the struggle, where the good is the triumph of the weak, winning loses the PR battle. How do you defeat this inversion of values?

Jan’s insight provides a logical counter-strategy. The strong must be ruthless to survive the communist pity parade. The rise and fall of Jews is the interplay between sympathy and ruthlessness in the European mind. When they stopped throwing (((Christians))) to the lions, Rome fell. If South Africans threw communists to the lions, they would be the envy of the white world today. We can define ruthless as a refusal to give the enemy a chance. This is different from being brutal. Stalin was brutal and gave Jews plenty of protection.

We have nothing to fear, but sympathy for the Jew.

How did a powerful white (and white-dominant) society like South Africa, willingly, give up its power to low-life black communists? Sympathy. Sympathy in the right places. These communists were a small minority, even among, the non-white populations and had just lost their main inspiration and source of support, the defunct Soviet Union. The communists were a poor, demoralized, powerless minority on the ropes. Their leader Mandela was prisoner. Yet, they still came to power. It is rather incredible. Not, as incredible as, Americans being confused about their gender, genitalia, and sexuality by Cultural Marxists, but still a historic defeat for European values of health, strength, and beauty. The white world had better understand the reason for that defeat, lest it be repeated across the white world: sympathy for sympathy’s sake.

All communist propaganda must have this underlying current to assure that whites can’t win no matter what. Whites must always be on the losing end. We see this all the time. They have crafted language, so whites always lose traction, whenever they get some footing. If whites are the strong dominant race, they will always lose a contest for weakness. This is the vicious communist venom we face.

Perhaps, South Africa had nuclear weapons. That would be power. Power makes you strong and a communist target.

What good was that raw power? Who can you drop these nukes on, when you are dealing with Soviet Jews in universities turning blacks into communists who become community organizers and township activists? They necklace other blacks to create a monolithic movement demanding majority-rule. As if, a powerless majority just deserves power! Under rule of the weak they do. How do you fight the Jewish world media that fully-sympathizes with black majority rule and vilifies your people? How do you stop boycotts exploding across the world to starve your strengths, a strong people and strong economy, on behalf of, objectively weaker races? A nuclear bomb is useless in a pity-contest.

Being the stronger race, whites must never get into a battle of sympathies. There is a certain class of emotions that work against the strong; emotions we don’t see in sports, where you celebrate strength, skill, and victory. Strength wins admiration and emulation.

Communists play the soft hand of spreading communist sentiments and resentments to drive the legitimacy of pseudo-moralistic claims on their betters. Jan notes that guilt-trips only work on good people, who are subject to guilt, contrition, and reparations. Bad guys don’t react to guilt-tripping. They make more demands!

The West plays the heavy hand of dropping bombs. Since bombs will stop, sooner or later, the soft hand will have changed the minds of the people in the dispute on both sides, such that, the communists win; as they did, in Vietnam and South Africa. Jan notes that Vietnamese communists suggested that blacks give up a bush war/guerrilla war and take their cause to the townships. That bypassed South Africa’s military strength. South Africa had no real answer to communist equality propaganda. Visible displays of strength and violence always worked against them.

Because they are weak, communists must win the mind, before the first shot is fired, so the war is lost before it begins. It is incredible that the materialist communists spend such effort on working the heart-strings, the spirit, while the high-minded West ignores the mind game, hoping that, money and bombs are enough to win. That doesn’t work on communist elites, veritable, religious fanatics. They want power, not payoffs. They are willing to put in decades to get what they really want.

So ugly. So weak. So deserving to rule.

The white battle against communism in Africa was a battle of resolve, not only against ultimate white racial submission to black communists (a small minority among non-whites), but resolve against falling for communist illusions of normalcy, peace, and equality. These are offered as psychological relief, in return for, immediate surrender. Communists ratchet up violence and unrest, especially, in periods of negotiation, to such an extent, that a white populace is psychologically-exhausted from agitation, protests, and bombings. Whites give-in just to have a normal way of life. Nelson Mandela never renounced violence because he could not give whites a psychological break. Perpetual agitation is essential to the struggle.

This state of unrest, paired with negotiating yourself out of existence, would not exist, if whites had categorically-executed communists. What else is eternal vigilance? If you zapped communists, as soon as, they come along, especially, academics and media figures, i.e., Jews and liberals who want to “give the enemy a chance,” communists would not be able to gain a voice to reach your team’s mind. Various psychological sympathies and sentiments disrupt ruthlessness from occurring; a legacy of Jewish brain worms, put into our religion since ancient times.

The goal of communists is to make illusions of peace and equality, seem as real as possible; and allusions to gulags and mass murder, as dim as, possible. They diminish the threat of white servitude and impoverishment as non-sense; thereby, marginalizing wiser protective voices as paranoid reactionaries. This isolates and decapitates loyal white leadership and gives traitors their chance to mend divides. Imagine a wrestling match, where the bad guy extends his hand in friendship, until the good guy gives the bad guy a chance. Once he does, it’s game over. Anyone who wants to give communism a chance is a communist enemy; communists are always looking for sympathizers. Communists search for the one traitor to make the deal. They only need one sellout to win. In South Africa’s case, it was the spineless mason, and future Nobel Prize winner, F.W. de Klerk.

That is how Jan answers the basic questions. How does a weak enemy destroy a stronger opponent? What is the communist struggle? Why is the struggle against communism a struggle for the mind, indeed, the emotional-mind? Why is the propaganda war the main battlefield?

How does a stronger opponent, in return, not fall victim to the mind games of the weaker opponent? For white anti-communists to win, they must vigilantly execute communists and get over any sentiments that stop them. Black communists win by breaking white spine with sentimentality. Ruthlessness shows resolve.

If Jan wrote his book in the 1950’s, it would have been a hit on the anti-communist scene. It would be classic today. While his book can’t stop communism from coming to South Africa, it does have insights that serve to reverse it.

As we have seen, the cry for black equality and inclusion evolves into black domination and exclusion.

“It doesn’t follow,” said Robert Mugabe 1980 that, “just because the whites oppressed us yesterday when they had power, the blacks must oppress them today because they have power. An evil remains an evil whether practiced by white against black or black against white.” That’s talking game to please liberal ears and win sympathy. Just what the liberal wants to hear.

Twenty-five years later, Mugabe revealed his inner shitlord with land seizures. “The courts can do whatever they want, but no judicial decision will stand in our way … My own position is that we should not even be defending our position in the courts. This country is our country and this land is our land … They think because they are white they have a divine right to our resources. Not here. The white man is not indigenous to Africa. Africa is for Africans, Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans.” Power-forever. Or so, one would think.

Let’s borrow that for a minute. “We should not even be defending our position in the courts. This country is our country and this land is our land … Jews think because they are Jews they have a divine right to our resources. Not here. The Jew is not indigenous to Europe. Europe is for Europeans. Germany is for Germany.” Mugabe says what he needs to say to win. That’s what winners do. You don’t get that talk out of Jared Taylor, Ramzy Paul, or Richard Spencer. Mugabe is superior to them. It’s not I.Q. He wants to win and his power quotient is way out there, while TEAM Spencer has low-p.

Thus, black communism becomes black nationalism. Communism gets power and nationalism drives whites out.

Mugabe’s Amazing Birthday Cake. Mugabe and only Mugabe can enjoy the power.

Black nationalism isn’t National Socialism, though it sounds like it.

The top Marxists aren’t in it for blacks, but use black weakness and misery to cuck whites out of power, so they can enjoy power. They keep hammering whites and their legacy, in lieu of, solving real black problems. Communism is a Jewish device to conquer the world on behalf of, the least fit, least compassionate, (((creatures))) on earth. With black slavery, whites “couldn’t hold on and couldn’t let go,” said Jefferson. The ANC blacks can’t stop blaming whites for their own shortcomings, but they can’t afford to lose the productive Boer farmer. The ANC is trapped between losing power and losing to Malema’s land-grabbing black nationalism. As South Africa’s politics bifurcates between confiscating and defending Boer lands, the center ANC will melt. They won’t be able to triangulate a best of both worlds and come out ahead. They won’t be able to steal either side of the issue and come out ahead. The ANC will split into two, or even, three camps.

Unfortunately, for blacks, whites can survive without blacks, but blacks can’t well survive without whites. This puts a natural limit on the benefits of black nationalism. Black nationalism brings black famine. The weak without the strong are back to being weak.

Black domination is black demise…and a white opening.

Communist regimes are unstable because they cannot deliver the basics. Blacks are an unstable population because they will go for a quick fix. Black impulse has its benefits. Blacks will be “open to any system that offers them real benefits.” These two factors work against the ANC holding power forever.

The ANC has unleashed crime across society to pressure whites covertly. The ANC raised VAT-taxes. Unemployment remains near 40 percent. Corruption abounds. How is it that the ANC-regime is lead by a Bolshevik billionaire, Ramaphosa? Where is the communist-promised equality? The ANC fails to deliver the basics: cheap goods, low-crime, jobs, and betrays its ideals. The populous want food security, job security, and physical security. They aren’t getting it. Communism gives black communists the illusion of power forever. Blacks will run out of the ANC burning building, if a door were only opened.

An intelligently-constructed strategy that gives blacks a quick fix can depose the ANC. Communists appear unstoppable, until realities arise. Blacks know their technical dependence on whites. They know their job dependence on whites. One black can survive in a sea of whites, but a black or white will drown in a sea of blacks. They know this, which is why they flee to Europe, or South Africa, and pay good money to get there.

Beyond the practical problems of the communist’s illusion of power forever is the moral problem. This is a critical point.

Jan writes, “only a moral victory can achieve permanent victory. If the good does not triumph, the war is still open to reversal. The good can make a comeback through renewed support for the good. A victor who wishes to permanently hold his conquest must be perceived as the good guy.

The ANC is looking bad when it threatens to genocide Boer farmers, on the one hand, risking black famine on the other. It is the worst case scenario for the ANC devouring the morality of its power. We have reached PEAK ANC. The ANC will lose everything, if their gamble goes wrong, which it must. Evicting Boers from their land assures their demise. Even the intent to do so damages, even voids, the power sharing pact which is the foundation of their power.

Because communism works by deception, wordplay, and emotional manipulation, it is disingenuous. Because it is a destructive Jew-serving evil, it is not loyal. Because communists are playing with fire, famine, and race war, they are genocidal lunatics. Communist victory is always subject to moral critique and reversals. This is why South Africa is ripe for change, why the necklacing-ANC is doomed, and why the entire WWII allied victory is doomed to a total reversal.

A demonic Jewish victory is the world’s loss; and must be reversed.

Demonizing the Jewish victory is the right thing to do. Blacks will be the ultimate victims of Jewish communism. Everyone, but the communist, is concerned about a confiscation-caused famine. The reality of Zimbabwe is too strong, and recent, not to be felt in South African politics.

If Jan’s theory is true, we can imagine an alternative ruthless history. Let’s remember that the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989, and South Africa’s National Party leadership could have said to the ANC communists, “Look, communism has collapsed. There’s no point to negotiating with you communists, anymore. The Soviet Union is gone. You have no backing. Plus, you are communists. You are tainted by association with mass murder communism. You’ve been discredited. How could we have anything to do with you? We don’t want to be vilified by the world with the murder of millions. Who do you think you are bringing this into our country?!” What a tone a little spine gives you.

Instead, the South African government threw victory into the ash heap of history. It is said, the National Party took the collapse of communism as an opportunity to get a deal from the ANC which lead to black majority rule by 1994. That’s a hard claim to buy. Of course, the ANC would not have Soviet backing anymore, but that wouldn’t make it any less communist or dangerous in the long run. A ruthless regime would not have lost its resolve. A ruthless regime would have used the collapse of communism to mop up its communist movements, once and for all, to win a breakout.

Truly, your enemy is not your equal and can’t have equal rights, or equal say, or equal standing in your system. If you give them equality, they will work your system against you, by such, things as majority rule and grievance politics. They need equal standing in your system to break your power. They need to talk you into giving it to them. That is the essence of the communist struggle and how the weak beat the strong. A civil war could have been a blessing in disguise, thoroughly, devastating the enemy’s leadership. Since rational reflection of equality leads nowhere, appeals to emotion are the bread and butter of the communist propaganda struggle. The ruthless stop appeals to emotion in their tracks.

Communists are the real fans of race war.

The Marxists adapted their principle of empowering the weak, despite, Africa not having an industrial revolution and an industrial working class. With millions of peasant farmers, the Marxists went for race war, instead of, class warfare, and they stoke race war to keep power. Whites were strong with military, technology, a legal system that protected their political power. Non-whites lacked all these things apart from what was available under apartheid, where they could manage their own police and politics in their tribal region.

It is rather incredible that the South African government willingly worked to create African states.

Blacks had no problem getting an ethno-state.

Apartheid was a much better deal for Africans than the reservation system was for American Indians, who are still dominated by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. That was the glory of apartheid. You get a state without a war. The communist enemy couldn’t have beautiful racial resolutions. To destroy the strong whites, which is the Jewish mission to conquer the world, they needed the races to battle it out, in the steel cage of democracy.

If blacks and whites united on mutual sovereignty, they would soon oust the communists to get normalcy. Wisely, Jan rejects the notion that a black majority would fall into communism by racial destiny. He gives the example of Hastings Banda of Malawi who was an anti-communist, crime-crushing stickler, and ally of Apartheid South Africa, who hated the Lithuanian Jew (((Sir Roy Welensky))) of Rhodesia.

Blacks were subverted and bullied into communism by a twenty-year process, whereby, the Soviets created various grievance groups and liberation organizations. Jews gave blacks political rabies. The US was playing the losing game of trying to win these Soviet organizations over, instead of, spreading common sense racialism with their own organizations. Apartheid was a work in progress that would have been a model for the world, had it been allowed to fill itself out. Healthy racialism is the only way out for South Africa; where the race-war inflaming Jew is banned from society. Once you ban the Jew, blacks and whites can live in peace. Capitalism is a spoiled concept in South Africa, but healthy racialism is not.

From his book, we get a fresh look at communist subversion and how it was applied to capitalize on racial divisions in South Africa. In his podcasts Jan expresses his fresh appreciation for National Socialist Germany, in ways that, we don’t normally hear. Everyone has their own eureka moment that wins them to National Socialism. Jan notes his evolution from the conventional mindset, once he realized that Germany faced a communist revolution herself, like South Africa and Rhodesia, but unlike South Africa and Rhodesia, Hitler was able to put communism down.

Hitler saw that Jews cause communist slavery. He stopped the Jews and that stopped communism. It’s a simple lesson that most anti-communists never learned due to religious delusions and racial spinelessness. A ruthless movement to resurrect the European man from his racial oblivion must not have the emotional defect of sympathy for Jews.

Jan breaks down how the political parties use each other in a scissors strategy where two allied parties fake a split forcing the other parties to pick sides eliminating real opposition. This may be what we are seeing with (loud-mouth media star and one-time ANC Youth leader) Julius Malema and his revolting EFF party “conflicting” with the ANC to make the ANC look responsible and conservative, as we come upon, the 2019 elections. The ANC used the scissors strategy to take power. The National Party allowed the ANC to operate, while the South Africa Communist Party had legal troubles operating under apartheid, but both were on the same communist team, run by the same communist clique.

Julius Malema in his red teletubby uniform.

Psychology Maziwisa a Zimbabwean lawmaker is not a Malema fan, saying, he is “a little and irrelevant man who is trying desperately to gain political mileage in South Africa by insulting a great man in Zimbabwe.” Is this scissors theater?

Per Malema, whites are racists if they flee South Africa and racist if they stay on their land. Whites can’t win with that psychological abuse.

“We don’t have to put up with that!” must be our attitude.

This Jewish pity sickness continues. Newsweek’s Benjamin Cousins writes, “Refusing to pay for stolen land is seen by many black South Africans as essential to restoring their dignity.” Communism dignifies theft. Stealing restores your dignity. The meek shall plunder the earth. We cannot allow communists to twist language and history; or prey on emotions. The politics of RACIAL HUSBANDRY puts an end to the politics of racial grievance.

Few anti-communist books provide better insights into South Africa and provide reasons for optimism.

Jan’s book provides keys to dethroning the ANC for a new South Africa. South Africa is not a lost cause, but is due to be the first white country to flip against Jews; which would be a huge boon for whites. Where else is a flip more likely to occur? South Africa.

A true race war would end ANC power. Confiscations would end ANC power. That won’t solve the ANC’s problems, but overwhelm the ANC with problems. The ANC wants power forever and can only scare whites out of South Africa. It will use psychological means to do so, but the Boer resolve to tend his land is mighty, indeed. The Boer are the strongest of the South Africans. With land, there is commitment and community. There are ancestors in the soil and posterity to fight for.

Never underestimate how fed up blacks are with the ANC regime and how they don’t buy into the land grabs.

Crime and unemployment have exploded. Land grabs don’t solve crime and unemployment. They bring more of it.

More blacks have been killed by other blacks, since the ANC took over, than whites have been killed in battle during the US Civil War.

The social fabric between whites and blacks is very strong, by comparison.

This is, despite, thirty years of communist-Jew demonizing of Boers and being out-numbered 11 to 1.

The (((international racists))) who run Jewish monopoly capital are in for a rude surprise.

Blacks are ready for a quick fix.

A quick fix could sweep South Africa overnight at any time. This is no value in foreign governments offer visas. Real help supports South African efforts to bury the few dozen leading communists in the city dump.

To quote Kyle Hunt: “We should never accept ethnic cleansing and genocide as acceptable or inevitable. We should be doing whatever we can to bolster the defenses of the White South Africans, as they could easily win militarily even though vastly outnumbered, and bringing international attention to the crisis. The South African government is committing genocide against Whites in South Africa, and yet Donald Trump has not even said one word about it. Since our governments in the West are actively committing genocide against their White populations, we can only expect them to allow this travesty to take place without so much as even a condemnation.”

A spectacular reversal in South Africa would demoralize Jews, like nothing else, since the collapse of the Berlin Wall. It is worth working for and opens up many possibilities.

If Jews can’t kill off whites when they are down 11 to 1, they will never kill us off. That would be a psychological, moral, and strategic victory that would energize Europe and break the spine of Jewry.

Jan’s book helps us understand how that is possible and how (((alt-right))) defeatism is pathetic.

Boers will not win a pity parade. People want to see Boers master their land and their current challenges. They just need a little encouragement and a window of opportunity to win what they deserve.

Thanks to millionaire Malema that opportunity has arrived.


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