From Jan: Some very intense stress … hopefully things settle down…


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The last 10 or so days have not been fun for me. There are things I do that I do not publicise or discuss on my websites, but I will give you some insight into some of it.

(NB: I will put out an audio shortly discussing the Comments on my websites – I need to explain the problem and maybe someone has a solution).

As you know exactly a week ago I lost my domain. I thought I was going to end up in the same spot as The Daily Stormer, without a domain name. However, within 3 days I actually got my domain name back. I was utterly delighted. The condition on which I got it back, which I was more than happy with, was to NOT use as the Registrar for the name. I had actually been intending to not use them any more anyway because they were costing me a lot of money for the domains I still had, many of which are dormant. They used to be cheap long ago, but no more.

I had been under the impression that The Daily Stormer had lost their domain and all other domain names FOREVER EXCEPT for the which they bought in China I think.

I was under the impression that The Daily Stormer had lost their .com domain FOREVER – as well as all the other domain names. So I immediately spent quite a bit of money buying up extra domain names that I would need, the first being so that I could function again – which I got sorted out by last Sunday.

BTW, after I got my domain name back, I went and checked and saw that is back. It actually works. So they did get their .com domain name also at some point.

I was utterly surprised therefore, when GoDaddy gave me the option of unlocking my domain for 48 hours, on the condition that I get it away from them. I did this, and thereby got my original domain name back. At the moment, for the record, you can access HistoryReviewed either with or I will later switch the .net domain off again and keep it in case its needed.

Anyhow, shifting all my domains and buying new domains cost me quite a bit of money.

So that relates to the events of last week. I will return to that later.

The reason I’ve been quiet especially this week, is that I had other stresses that were really working on me.

Sometimes, my supporters come up with ideas, and then if I think the idea is good, we try it out.

The lecture idea, for example, is such an idea that came up at the end of last year, and which I put to good use in the USA and Canada and also a bit here in SA.

Alex Linder and I have been talking quietly about the issue of the Right Wing having no money. It has come up in other circles as well – which I won’t divulge. Money flows like rivers to black communist pieces of shit like Julius Malema, but whites get zip. Alex had told me of ideas and concepts he has that he’s working on, which he hopes can help the Right Wing. That’s what he’s working on quietly. The goal is not in any way to accept Jewish money – EVER. We MUST find ways of moving forward by ourselves with no STRINGS ATTACHED MONIES.

I had 2 supporters who came to me with 2 ideas.

During my trip to the USA, my only true FAILURE were my book efforts. That was the only thing, which I had worked really hard on, which turned into a total flop. However, I also incurred additional debt from unexpected, last minute trips I took – in order to seize the moment and meet certain people.

So upon my return to SA, I was looking, urgently for ways to try and pay my additional bills which were much higher than anything I’d even conceived of for this year.

I thus kicked off a plan that a supporter and I had discussed, as a way of me earning some basic income – maybe $200 or, if I’m lucky, $300 per month. I kicked it off and made a bit of progress, but then my supporter’s plans began going wrong. Then we got tied up in things which we were supposed to get, but which for, some reason were no longer coming through. My own suspicion was that someone was trying to throttle our efforts because my name came up and it was recognised by certain people. My supporter assured me that this cannot be the case. However, as I’m watching our struggles, I’m 90% certain that someone is throttling the bit of money that would have come my way. So that put a spanner in the works of something that I really had high hopes for, and thought it could not turn into a problem.

So this was one stress that bothered me quite a bit.

But worse was to come. Another supporter of mine and I had discussed another idea for 2 years. It is an extremely difficult and tricky idea, and I never thought we could make it work. Then in the period February-April, he and I experimented with it on a small scale, and to my utter amazement, I got $500 out of our efforts. I was over the moon. I was astounded by what my supporter could do.

I had resolved, that upon my return to South Africa, I would return to doing this with my supporter, on an even bigger scale, because I might even be able, to cover 50% of my monthly bills with this – which would be incredible. So we threw all our energies into it with intensity expecting to do even better than earlier this year.

However, this risky venture, turned into an absolute nightmare. Things came to a head from last Thursday, just a day before GoDaddy whacked me. From last Thursday until Friday this week, things just got worse in leaps and bounds. And my relations with my supporter were the worst they had ever been. Things between us were exceptionally tense.

It was those 8 days that stressed the hell out of me. Things are still looking bad, but we’ve reached a new understanding, and I’m feeling happier. I still don’t know what the full outcome will be. It may take weeks to resolve.

I might also look at the possibility of getting some type of short term employment if possible.

It has just been something of a bummer, that 2 plans, which I had worked on with others, should both go dry at the same time, and the one has turned into something of a disaster. But we will see what can be saved from this.

These things were truly working on my mind, especially the disaster. It really screwed up my momentum, which until then had been picking up nicely and I was getting going on my websites at a nice pace.

I’m feeling a lot better, and can focus again.

I also was doing some activism here, including having an interesting meeting with some people here, just to give them, raw, face-to-face feedback regarding my trip to the USA and Canada. We had some excellent discussions. I’ve been liaising with many Boers and other activists over here in the meantime.

The blacks have been destroying stuff again. They did LOT of damage in Pretoria earlier this week – much more than in Johannesburg in July. See my video series: What Napoleon would teach White South Africans – in there you’ll see the Johannesburg stuff.

NB: I’m finishing the videos of the #TeamWhite 4 with Alex. In total there is 1 audio and 3 videos. But Alex and I were struggling a lot with equipment issues. Alex in particular is having serious technical hassles and so our recordings were broken and its just made the assembling of our intense discussion into a video quite a nightmare. But I’m near the end.

I also learned from a Boer that it seems as if the Jews are busy with a huge Christian campaign in South Africa to turn lots of whites in South Africa into the same brainless “Christian Zionists” that you see in the USA, ready to die for bloody Israel. I’ll report back more on that.

Today was the first day that I could once again regain some calm and focus on things. So you’ll be hearing more from me.

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