Farm murders, political prostitution by the (Jewish) (((DA))): Front National SA


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[The DA is the most Jewish of all the political parties in SA. Front National SA have this to say about the DA below. My warning to whites in South Africa is: STAY AWAY FROM THE DA! You cannot trust them! They are working with Julius Malema! They are NOT going to protect your interests! Vote for anyone else! Jan]

What will not be done for a few votes or to get that much desirable parliamentary salary?

The DA overseas made a slip by declaring that farm murders are not really so bad and attacked the foreign sympathetic supporters against the farm attacks and farm murders and accused them of racism.

And the DA got a hiding over this.

Now they have turned around with a new statement saying: No. You understand wrong. What we actually mean is that farm attacks are not only aimed against white farmers.

We are well aware that black farm workers have been killed as well, but with the best will in the world even the left-wing media can not shed light on any attack where white attackers have attacked a black farmer, raped his wife and daughter, tied up their his father and tortured them with a hot irons. Or where they have tied mothers behind farm bakkies and dragged them around.

Not even one.

Do the DA think their readers are stupid? We’ve read what your statement says. The second statement is even more ridiculous. We now know where you stand.

It’s like the old prostitute who finds out to late that her wrinkled old body will not attract customers and then lowers her neck line to draw attention. The political street corners are nowadays quite full of these old tarts. It makes one’s stomach turn.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Front Nasionaal SA

South Africa Today – South Africa News


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