Sickening: British PM gives South African President Ramaphosa $72 million – Always money for blacks!


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[I have nothing but the utmost contempt for May who is the British PM. Jewish Britain has no shortage of money to hand over to the blacks of Africa. Whites never saw a cent – not even their own colonies like Rhodesia. It sickens me to see how they fawn over these black idiots. And he got to visit the Queen of England!

Jewish Britain is anti-white to the core. They DISGUST ME! Jan]

President Cyril Ramaphosa and British Prime Minister Theresa May agreed on a deal worth millions to help South Africa improve its business environment.

Ramaphosa is in the UK on a working visit to London to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, which will take place on Thursday and Friday.

On Tuesday he met with May for a bilateral meeting.

“They agreed £50m (R857m) new UK funding across the next four years to help South Africa improve its business environment to make it more attractive to investors including in the UK, and ultimately lift some of the poorest people in South Africa out of poverty by creating jobs and opportunities. The funding will be used to help identify and dismantle barriers to trade within Africa and beyond, creating a wealth of opportunities for UK business over the coming years,” reads a statement from 10 Downing Street.

“The prime minister said she was pleased to welcome Mr Ramaphosa to the UK on his first visit as president, noting that the relationship between the UK and South Africa is strong and deep, both bilaterally and as a key Commonwealth partner,” reads the statement.

They discussed the potential for “reinvigorating and revitalising the partnership between the UK and South Africa, and May said Britain was ready to support South Africa’s transformation and National Development Plan.

“They agreed that tackling youth unemployment and social inequality was a key priority.”

“They agreed on an ambition to build on our strong bilateral trade and investment relationship, including as we leave the European Union. The prime minister noted that the UK is already the largest investor in South Africa, and that we are firm supporters of the president’s drive to attract even more investment to the country.”

Ramaphosa also visited Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle.


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