A Black World War has begun: Blacks across Africa hit back & harm South African businesses – My Comments


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[I lost interest in the violence here in Johannesburg after the 1st 3-4 days. The reports in the suburbs and areas around Johannesburg and where I live, fell and most of us just ignored the black on black nonsense. But I see that the blacks are still at it and more Nigerians have fled – jumping on free flights to get the heck out of South Africa. Even Mozambicans (former Portuguese colony) are still fleeing. I know a Zimbabwean who almost never goes back to Zimbabwe and he fled a week before this.

This shows clearly how WORD SPREADS and this is a type of military campaign. You really need to understand that this is how these blacks function. They might not use AK47s, but they will gather and will send out warnings to other blacks and then they follow it up with DELIBERATE PLANNED VIOLENCE. Make no mistake, some people at a high level have been driving this. THIS IS NOT AN ACCIDENT. 

What is too funny though, is that major South African businesses have been attacked across the African continent. MTN is a HUGE mobile phone provider. They even do business in Iran – which Israel hates. Vodacom is another big one. 

Pick 'n Pay is 100% Jewish owned. Pick 'n Pay is owned by the Jew Raymond Ackerman. Its a huge chain of supermarkets. So even the Jew is getting some headwinds! NICE! 

Multichoice is also big – I think Multichoice even has big holdings in China. 

I feel nothing for these disgusting Liberal/Jew businesses. They are all anti-white. 

It delights me to see the blacks in the rest of Africa hitting back in this way. 

As it is, the economy is taking serious strain here in SA and now this on top of it! 

I like! Look at how dysfunctional and screwed up all these people are! 

Whites – hang in there! The game is not yet over. Jan]

JOHANNESBURG – The country’s businesses have started counting the cost of the ongoing xenophobic attacks on foreigners that have claimed at least 10 lives in South Africa.

Captains of industry said on Monday that they were working with the authorities to stem the tide of violence as retaliatory attacks on the continent continue to halt trading.

In the past week, the operations of MultiChoice, MTN, Vodacom, Shoprite and Pick n Pay were disrupted in Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Malawi as locals trashed stores in revenge attacks.

The executives met the SAPS’s top brass, including Police Minister Bheki Cele, to express their concerns about the effect on business operations and to try to map a way forward.

The president of the SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry, advocate Mtho Xulu, said the violence had seriously affected the free flow of goods on the continent.

Source: https://www.iol.co.za/business-report/economy/business-counts-cost-of-xenophobia-as-african-nations-retaliate-32672610

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