Video: History Reviewed Radio Show S01EP03: WW2 a disaster: USSR arises & the Whites of Africa prepare to fight

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In this episode I continue set the scene on the things from the past that have led to the downfall and collapse of the whites of southern Africa. I discuss the 5 white controlled countries in Africa: Angola, Mozambique, Rhodesia, South West Africa (formerly German) and South Africa and how the whites in this, the most developed and settled part of Africa began to resist the communism that arose in the Soviet Union and which benefited massively from WW2.

I discuss how the British Prime Minister came to South Africa in the 1950s and gave his Winds of Change speech and told the whites of Africa that their time was up and things were going to change massively for them.

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  • 4th Aug 2018 at 1:53 am

    Roosevelt who was Jewish and pro-communist and under Jewish control – whilst trying to maneuver America into WWII – made it clear to Churchill at a secret meeting that he was against the British Empire and FDR told his son that ‘after the war’ the British Empire and all its colonies were to be removed. He was in total accord with Karl Marx on this requirement as Marx stated that in order for a communist world dictatorship, the British Empire would first need to be taken down. (Info from the book “THE NAMELESS WAR” by Captain Ramsay who got Info from FDR’s son’s writings. The nameless war exposed the Jewish plan to enforce a world dictatorship, exposed the lies about Hitler wanting war, and exposed the Jewish led machinations to create WWII)

    This ties in with British woman Dr Kitty Little (a friend of Rhodesians and Ian Smith) who was one of a selected group at university in 1940 that were told by then student Harold Wilson, already a Soviet agent (later British P.M. negotiating Rhodesia’s demise) that White rule in Rhodesia especially and then South Africa were to be exterminated.

    Dr Kitty Little’s group were selected out as achievers from High School already and offered grants with the intention of indoctrinating their young minds to communism. The same happens in the US and S Africa and probably in all western nations.
    Dr G Edward Griffin, who wrote ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’ (the bankers), also revealed that as a young man he was selected out for communist indoctrination. He too rebelled and revealed the intentions but in those days there was no internet of course so much harder to reach people.


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