White Confusion: Boer Confusion: The Insane Problem of What is a Boer … and Boer internal disputes

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[It is amazing that there is "confusion" in South Africa, among Boers, as to WHO is a Boer? To me, the situation is quite simple, and I never imagined there could be a problem. In ANY country on the planet, you know who is a citizen, by definition of your PARENTS. So if your parents were born in France and lived in France, you would say they are: FRENCH. If your parents were born in Austria and lived in Austria, you'd say they are Austrians. There were once two successful Boer Republics: The South African Republic or Transvaal and the Orange Free State. Both were BOER Republics. You would think that to be a Boer your parents merely had to be born there and lived there, as was the case with mine. Well, to my amazement there is an internal dispute among Boers as to who is a Boer and who is an Afrikaner. Below is something a Boer in Pretoria wrote to me because he was outraged by my support for Hendrik Verwoerd (who was Dutch) and became a South African Prime Minister. This guy below, even claims that Boers are NOT Whites, which I think is insane, since they were classified as WHITE under Apartheid, and their ancestry is about 80% Dutch/German and 20% French. So they are 100% Western/Northern European. Then, to add to the confusion, you get other Christian nonsense coming into this where you have Boers who talk about Yahweh, and they see themselves as ISRAELITES! These are echoes of British-Israelism where the Jews, a particular Rabbi in fact, managed to fool the British, especially Queen Victoria, into thinking they are all actually from the Lost Tribes of Israel and that in fact … They are ISRAELIS! To me, all of this is total nonsense. Boers are Whites, they are 100% European stock. But, below, as nutty as this is, are the views of one Boer, and he's not the only one who thinks like this. But I am going to ask other Boers to look at this and submit their views. I do understand many of the points below and even agree on one or two, but truly, where I think it is INSANE is to state that Boers are NOT White. That's INSANE. I've not bothered to look at every sentence. Jan]

Here’s what the guy wrote to me:-

> 2020/06/15 17:15:
> Hello Jan,
> Our Boer forefathers were persecuted throughout Europe by the white Christians. They fled from country to country to escape the mad Christians who murdered between 65 and 69 Million Europeans in an attempt to convert the whole Europe into Christianity. The Boer forefathers from Europe were hence known as Freeburgers, who is someone without a country of origin. When the opportunity arose for these Freeburgers to escape to another continent, they took the opportunity. Some came to the Cape, and most went to America.
> The reason the Freeburgers were allowed to come to the Cape (under contract with the jewish VOC) was because the Cape Dutch (Afrikaner) could not farm, so producing fresh produce for the ships was a disaster. They were lazy and useless and was interested only in fornicating with the Khoi, San and Koranna’s as well as the Malaysian slaves. The Dutch did not send their better people to the Cape, they sent the riff-raff trash they wanted out of Holland to the Cape.
> So when the Freeburgers arrived in the Cape, the Cape Dutch were already there. The illiterate Cape Dutch immediately attempted to manipulate the Freeburgers under their authority and tried to force them into their churches, which was unacceptable to the Freeburgers. One condition of the contract was that the Freeburgers would not be subject to the Cape Dutch authority, which was ignored by the Cape Dutch. Hence the Freeburgers moved beyond the Cape borders and set up farms there, and so became known as Border Boers, and later Boers.
> The Boers were not Christians, never was. They FLED out of Europe away from Christianity. The Boers did not have a religion. The psychological effect religion has is that it is supposed to make the religious submissive to (dictatorial) authority. And considering that Christianity is based on fiction, it has the religious live in a false reality.
> Google Jesus vs Horus and watch the images !
> Furthermore, the origin of the Christian religion as well as other religions all have a history, you know, the actual series of events that took place to establish an outcome.
> Firstly, never was an "Israel" except in the fraudulent Christian bible before 1948. Google it. And the Palestinians lived in Palestine for more than 3000 years before then !
> The short history is that the (now Italians) Romans (in a Republic) were a fierce bunch, who attacked and destroyed the jews in EGYPT. The tempel documentation was captured and the Flavian family spared a jew Josephus to write them a religion to subdue the Roman soldiers so they could rule over them. This jew wrote himself as the mesaja in the first book (Jesus = Josephus) http://www.angelfire.com/wi/famtree/romned.html ROME NEEDED CHRISTIANITY
> Also watch the video’s on youtube – search for how christianity was invented.
> In the year 325 the jew Constantine determined at the Council of Nicea what the new religion for Europe was going to be. During the break he and his collaborators murdered their opposition to establish the new father, son and holy ghost religion. There was nothing holy about this. The book called the bible was concocted out of literature from ancient writings that already existed – and was the reason why "the church" burned down the Alexandria library when the populace was allowed to start reading and writing to hide the origin. Remember that those who could read and write were classified as witches and burned alive, a practice of "the church" that continued to the late 1700’s !
> In the year 600 one Lothar renamed himself Muhammed and started the Muslim religion in the middle east – from the same sources as the christian religion. Only names and a few other terms were modified to make this religion acceptable for the inhabitants, but in fact, all three the book religions (+ Islam) are one and the same thing, the one world religion.
> The Roman Catholic Church was BANNED in the Transvaal Constitution of 1855. Since the Catholic religion is the mother of the rest of the religions and their thousands of variants, it included them all. Religion was banned in the Transvaal. The Boers did not have a religion. They only referred to a Creator, which has nothing to do with the concept of a "god", which is man made for political manipulation and to subject believers under their authority. "Die here" in Boers is meervoud vir heer… die groot meneer, wat die jood is wat homself aangestel het om oor almal te heers.
> If you think that the Christian religion’s purpose does not have the submissive effect it has psychologically, then consider that after the first British War on the Boers (1880 – 1881), the first thing the British agent, Lt Genl Piet Joubert did was to declare freedom of religion in the Transvaal – in violation of the constitution – knowing fully that as long as the Boers was not IN religion, they would never be conquered. After that the Afrikaners streamed into the Transvaal and put churches up one on each street corner. Nineteen years later, most of the Boers refused to fight for their freedom as a result when the the second war broke out. There never was more that 30 000 burghers at war, there should have been more than 50 000. If, then they would have sent the British packing again, and think how different our lives would have been today.
> I hope this address your concern regarding religion or some god – for once and for all – and notice there are many instances where this religion was the cause of many deaths and disasters for the Boers, all the doing of "whites".
> Through the whole Boer history – from when the first Freeburghers landed in the Cape to today, it is the WHITES who prosecuted them. First it was only the Christian Cape Dutch (Afrikaners), then came the British and annexed the Cape and they together made life for the Boers hell. And to further humiliate the Boers, the Cape Coloureds were made police who attacked and arrested the Boers when they defended themselves against the Xhosa attacks and cattle theft. Just like ongoing today.
> It was the Christian Cape Dutch Afrikaners who manned the concentration camps with the British (jews) and participated in the atrocities.
> After the War the British appointed the "white" Afrikaners as dictator over the Boers to prevent the Boers from getting their country back (and to force them into religion). The British 1900 proclamation to completely destroy the Boervolk was transferred to the white Afrikaners to fulfill, for which they would get the Boer’s country.
> Under Verwoerd thousands of English were imported into the illegal British colony of Sick Africa, who was supposedly educated and continuously humiliated the stupid Boers in the English language and to fornicate the Boers to become "more (submissive) English".
> The jewish monetary system, law system, structural organizations, Westminster political system, religion and more, all with double standards – had nothing to do with the Boers ! They were forced into a system by the white Afrikaners and others that is contrary to the Boers and their culture, with the effect that many were dysfunctional and made idiots by the oppressors.
> Today, every WHITE (shit) in Sick Africa becomes very nervous and aggressive when there is any talk of the Boers getting their country back. This is not their country, but on the back of the Boers they made very comfortable lives for themselves and are scared shitless at the mere thought that the Boers would kick them out for what they have done and are still doing today.
> All these "whites" would rather serve under the foreign African terrorist anc organization – and destroy themselves – than see the Boers get their country back.
> There is NOT ONE "white" country today who will aid the Boers to get their country back, because the jews who are plundering the resources involved them all so every country out there has a finger in Sick Africa – even Russia ! Read the book A Westpointer with the Boers wherein Blake described how the "white" Afrikaners and British attacked the Boer farms.
> Emily Hobhouse writes in her book The Brunt of War that even the British were appalled by the way the white Afrikaners acted when they attacked the Boer woman and children.
> One white Afrikaner Enslin even had a brothel with girls as young as 11 years old who he handed out to whoever, including the blacks, to abuse.
> Read the book Cecil Rhodes and the Cape Afrikaners, The Imperial Colossus and the Colonial Parish Pump by Mordechai Tamarkin.
> And you think the Boers must yet again submit under the majority of "whites" who are still in control of many of these aspects ? Where in Sick Africa are the Boers even recognized ? Which of them think that what happened in the past here was "wrong" ? NOT ONE. Today the Boers are here, but they are not allowed to even exist. And there is always some white shit who wants to dictate to the Boers who they were, and who they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to do and what will be better for the Boers.
> Europeans are not just Europeans. One of the properties of a Human is that he has a conscience, there are things a human will not do to other humans. These "whites" aka Europeans you refer to has no conscience. A child at age 7 can already distinguish between right and wrong. What excuse could these "white" adults possibly have ?
> Today it is the Afrikaners who are manning the disarmament lobbies funded by the jew George Soros. The intention is to disarm "whites" so they can be murdered more easily and through fear made submissive to the lowest form of human-like life on earth. They are oligarchs, abusing the sick "law" to exploit others while many are murdered because they cannot defend themselves.
> In reference to the above, I fail to see how we are expected to have a European aka "white" link… ?
> Besides, the Boers became a Volk on African soil – with zero ties to any country in Europe. This makes the Boers an indigenous nation of Africa. No other "white" have any claim like this. The whites however expect the Boers to commit suicide so they can continue to claim the Boer’s country.
> The Boers had good relations with the African countries. Republic Freedom was given to the Boers by the Zulu’s for saving Dinu-Zulu during the British war on the Zulu’s (1879) and Stellaland was given to the Boers for defending the Koranna’s against the Matabele. Other tribes also subjected their land under the Transvaal under Pres Burgers as they could not defend it.
> There is no-where in history where any "whites" assisted or favored the Boers in any situation, except individuals who fought on the Boers side during the 2nd War.
> Hope this clear your concerns up a bit.
> Regards
> xxx
> PS – I am aware of the Boers who think they are Israelites and they are "god’s chosen" in the Israel vision sect, nevertheless a sect like all the others.
> It is a bit ridiculous considering the original Israelites were… Africans, blacks ! Look at the hair of the slaves in Egypt carved on the walls.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xregg2x1sdk Ancient Egyptians prove the true Hebrews Israelites are Black
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=471DzdJfpeA David Icke September 15, 2017 – The Promised Land!!! Part1
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR2OtnmOdn8 David Icke September 15, 2017 – The Promised Land!!! Part2
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhEvbWD5U1Q THE CONSPIRACY AND HIDDEN IDENTITY OF BLACKS IN THE BIBLE {Full Documentary}
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmlSDqPbcGM The Book: Hebrews to Negros Chapter 1 Preview
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy4kVg9RwaQ The Book: Hebrews to Negros Chapter 2 Preview
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IsfVI8c3io PROOF: BIBLICAL ISRAELITES WERE BLACK & WHY IT DOES MATTER Kush = Ethiopia
> Search in Youtube —- the conspiracy and hidden identity of blacks in the bible
> NOTHING is as it seems.

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