Was Ian Smith a Traitor to Rhodesia? Stephen Goodson & JB Campbell

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Here is a short note.

Just for the record, I did allow JB Campbell to discuss Ian Smith and his views on Smith that Smith was a traitor to us. Stephen Goodson, of SA, who died under mysterious circumstances, wrote a number of good books exposing Jews. However, on the topic of Ian Smith, both Dr Peter Hammond and I agree, Goodson got it very wrong. I have his book on Smith. I think Campbell made a better argument against Smith than Goodson. But on Smith, Goodson especially is very wrong. VERY. I read the book. He lacks the detail. Campbell did make some interesting points. To me it does NOT prove that Smith was a traitor. But it may show that deeper things were occurring. It DOES show that there was some kind of secrecy going on. But I don’t think it shows the treason that Campbell thinks it was. These are topics I will address at another time.

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