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Jan Lamprecht, a Rhodesian Boer who grew up during Rhodesia’s Bush Wars in the 1970’s and moved to S. Africa after the Bush War’s, joined Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! on Thursday, February 1, 2018 to discuss some of the macro political and economic undercurrents to S. African politics.

In 2001, Jan wrote a prophetic book called “Government by Deception” in which he warned White S. Africans of the dangers of black rule and how S. Africa is destined to Africa’s next “Zimbabwe”.

A very enlightening and informative interview wherein Jan posited the theory that black rule is actually environmentally detrimental. The rise and fall of S. Africa’s currency, the Rand (ZAR) as a determiner of international Jewish sentiments towards political leadership in S. Africa, black mismanagement of critical infrastructure such as S. Africa’s electrical grid and water distribution networks, as well as the ongoing intrigues within the African National Congress (ANC) as these forces shape S. Africa’s politics and future were all part of a very entertaining and informative hour.

Through it all, Jan maintains that White S. Africans, although ideologically herded into “leftist-liberal” ideological expressions, remain a saving force for S. Africa as a nation.

Jan puts forward the idea that current black communists in the ANC are taking Jews for a ride in a stealth effort to extract assets from Jews and Whites alike, and how the political process in S. Africa has become of of utter corruption as elites suck the wealth out of the once prosperous White run nation of S. Africa.

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