Video & Audio: International White Discussion: Racial Survival and Ukraine War

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Video: How America built UFOs
This video is about military secrecy. We study a documentary from 2011 when a lot of Area 51 information was declassified and when some people, including a high level CIA official were allowed to speak.I discuss my time when I was young when I was in the South African Navy and I handled Secret and Top Secret files and how these things work in real life.

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We had 9 GREAT participants from UK, USA, Bulgaria and South Africa on this show.

We discussed a lot of White issues, from various viewpoints. We spoke about the Ukraine war, the Russians, America and Britain. We also discussed which lessons can be learned from South Africa.

We also discuss NAZI Units in the Ukraine war like Kraken and Azov.

Nordlux in Bulgaria arranged this awesome discussion.

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Pic: AWESOME MEME: 1934 Machine Guns When White Society was responsible Gun Laws
Whites have never been babies. We do many dangerous things without even thinking about it. In 1934, even a child could order a machinegun by mail order. There were zero school shootings back then.

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