Very Important: S.Africa: The Beginning of the End of the New South Africa – Black Communists: The MK Party had a huge turnout in Soweto


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This is a very important lesson, and it may contain unique observations from my own analysis of these people. In here, you will also learn why Jews are masters of religion, and why that works for them. Christians do not stand a chance against Jews. Jews focus on winning, and Jews will outwit Christians and most whites with ease.

Here is something very important that has been going down in SA in 2024, and this has huge potential. This can, and will change South Africa in the future.

The most important event in S.Africa is Jacob Zuma and the MK Party. They had a big turnout at Orlando Stadium in Soweto recently. This is really important. The MK party is critically important. We need to see how they do, and how Malema does. The MK party is the only Black party not funded by the Jews – so the DA and the Mass Media scream about them. They’re not NICE or good for us – but they will come into conflict with: The ANC+DA+Jews+Liberals – while they also hate us and want to smash us. I like MK for this reason: This is the beginning of *THE END* of Black South African politics as we know it.

Zuma’s main support though, is only in Natal, and then secondly Johannesburg. That could explain the big turnout at Orlando.

Here’s the crux: This is about Blacks fighting Blacks, and this will get worse as time goes by. This can lead to the beginning of the break up of South Africa and to various forms of Civil War.


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