#BS#Court & Police issues … another stressful day for me…

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#BS#On Thursday afternoon I got a freaky message from my attorney. He advised me to no longer sleep at my house at night since the Police might arrest me in the coming days. It turned out we had some “crossed wires” and that there was a story about a warrant out for my arrest. So I had to do some urgent investigation to get back to my attorney to see if we needed to rush to the court to head off my arrest. The investigation went well and I made 2 very interesting little discoveries.

Next week my attorney and I have to meet to discuss various matters.

So it was a bit stressful and my mind was not quite on my website matters. But on the whole, more positives came out of it than negatives!

The moment I can tell you more, I will. Just be patient in the coming weeks.

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