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This is the best website in America that exposes BLACK CRIME! It is fantastic. Every White American should see this!

Time is of the essence so I have stopped posting here because I need to get certain critical things done with the very limited time that is available. The Jews are moving fast. The Jews cannot wait a second in order to lock me in a jail and throw away the key so that I am Matt Hale No 2. They are keen as hell to get to trial at the extreme soonest. So, in this dysfunctional country, where my trial date in the High Court would only now be scheduled in June 2022; they will do their utmost to get me on trial in a matter of weeks. Maybe even less than a month. JEWS ARE SUPER-FAST TRACKING MY TRIAL. So if in this country, whether things take years to happen, and you see my stuff working like CLOCKWORK, like a first-world country … KNOW THAT ALL OF THIS IS BEING DONE THROUGH JEWS PULLING STRINGS IN GOVERNMENT, JEWS PULLING STRINGS IN THE SOUTH AFRICA POLICE FORCE, JEWS PULLING STRINGS IN THE HIGH COURT … KNOW THAT JAN’S TRIAL IS TOTALLY RIGGED … JAN CAN ONLY BE FOUND GUILTY … JAN CAN ONLY GO TO JAIL. WHY? BECAUSE THE SOUTH AFRICAN JEWISH BOARD OF DEPUTIES AND THEIR LINKS INSIDE THE CABINET OF THE SA GOVT AND WITH THE PRESIDENT HIMSELF, ALLOW THEM TO. SO WHEN YOU WATCH JAN DISAPPEARING QUICKLY… KNOW THE JEWS WERE PULLING THE STRINGS ALL THE WAY… ALL THE WAY IN A BIG JEWISH SETUP. If this were a normal trial, it would be scheduled in the High Court for June 2022 or later. I say that because top legal people have told me that the latest cases going into the High Court are only scheduled for June 2022. So any trial date SOONER means the Jews changed the date.

Then you know, JEWS, JEWS, JEWS, JEWS, JEWS are manipulating and controlling the High Court of South Africa! JEWS!

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