The Two Branches of the Jewish Rothschilds: British and French – OWNING Britain, French and South African Economies


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One of my friends was telling me that there are 2 modern branches of the disgusting Jewish Rothschilds.

One is the British branch and the other is the French branch. The British branch is the bigger of the two and the British Rothschilds must have at least $1 trillion. Though I do wonder if these scum don’t have much more than that. But let’s go with that number, which I feel is probably understated.

My late Boer Nazi pal, Fanie, said to me that the Jews OWN the British economy and they also OWN the French economy. The ownership of the British economy started with the Rothschild move due to the Battle of Waterloo, when they crashed the market and then bought up everything.

Fanie claimed that the Jews at one point also took over the entire French economy. But I don’t know the details and when. It clearly happened some time after the take-over of the British economy.

Now here in South Africa we have proof of the ownership of the South African economy by Jews. It happened after Cecil Rhodes died. Rhodes was the local "agent/front man" for the British Rothschilds. When he died Rothschild in England decided to send a German Jew, Oppenheimer, to South Africa to continue with control of the extremely rich mines of South Africa. These mines had previously belonged to the Boer Republics. The British came and killed the Boers in order to get to the Boer Gold and Diamonds. Rhodes along with other Jews like Beit took over all the mines.

Oppenheimer came to South Africa and he ran this huge operation of these mines under the name of Anglo-American. It exists to this day and is run by the Jewish Oppenheimers. In the time of Dr Hendrik Verwoerd the Hoek Report indicated that 70% of the South African economy, along with all the English newspapers, were owned by Anglo-America.

I think an important study, all across the West, would be to see how many Western economies are owned or have more than 50% of their activity owned by JEWS! I think this is a critical thing to dig into.

But I suspect it will not be easy.

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