The Threat of Julius Malema to Whites in South Africa – Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer

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[This is a note I wrote to one of my supporters who wants to know more about Malema. Malema is surrounded by JEWS!!! Jan]

This is what I wrote:

He is a loud mouth, and I am sure quite a lot of Whites have died over the years thanks to him. In fact, recently a White woman was stabbed with a spear (can you believe) by a bunch of Blacks who were chanting Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer! But there are Whites who’ve had their throats slit, etc.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned Malema in some videos. I’m certain I’ve even put a photo of Malema in one of my videos where he was visiting the grave of Karl Marx in the UK! Did you ever see that?

Did you see the recent video I did about the Jews and Russians and what they taught the Blacks about propaganda?

Believe it or not but Malema believes in USSR style COMMUNISM. He believes the Soviet Union (Jewish Bolshevism) was a GREAT SYSTEM. Mandela and even the ruling party of South Africa today, the ANC all actually believe in Communism.

Did you ever see the short video I did a long time ago about Ian Smith’s discussion with a Black member of parliament in Zimbabwe where he asked him WHY did the Blacks convert to Communism?

Believe it or not but in Rhodesia, the Black terrorists we fought were called "CT’s" (meaning Communist Terrorist). Though, unofficially the troops called them "Gooks" (just like Americans did in Vietnam). Both Rhodesia and South Africa and the Portuguese saw the USSR as the main enemy and COMMUNISM as being the real threat.

All these Blacks were TAUGHT that the USSR was an awesome place.

That recent video of mine about Jews and Russians teaching the Blacks propaganda is a must-see. In there, you’ll see a real big surprise. And I have another one coming as well.

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