The Never Ending rumour that Vorster & Van Den Berg killed Dr Verwoerd…

Again, for the umpteenth time someone sent me a note with this story about Vorster and Van Den Berg.

I do not like Vorster at all. He helped to destroy Rhodesia.

However, the real secret has to do with the Jewish role in the death of Verwoerd. The man who plotted Verwoerd’s death is a Jew who was a communist and a member of MK the ANC’s Armed wing. This Jew’s name is known. But it is known in very limited circles and the full story of how this Jew played a key roll in BOTH ASSASSINATIONS is the thing very few people know.

I will still be doing a video about it in the times ahead. The Jews tried tremendously hard to hush this up when it was revealed in the biography of someone who lived in Johannesburg. It is the most detailed, first-hand account of white man, an Englishman actually, who knew Verwoerd personally and he knew the Jew who was behind it.

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