The Jews & Minneapolis burning … the Blacks in USA & Africa are preparing their own EXTERMINATION!

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Video: How the Jews and Russians taught the Blacks Propaganda and Communism
In this video we take a really close look at what the Jews and the Russians taught the Blacks who wanted to fight the Whites in South Africa. What exactly did the Jews, like Joe Slovo, tell the Blacks? What exactly were the Russians hoping to achieve in southern Africa in general and in South Africa in particular? How do the Blacks of southern Africa view Putin today and the Russians now?

It sickens me to see what the black scum have done in the USA. It sickens me to see the damage the ungrateful black filth in the USA are doing to your lovely cities. I know… some bloody black was shot (who deserved to be shot), but because a white cop shot him… the Jews are busy… undermining the Police and ALWAYS focusing on the white cops.

This is nothing new. The Jews have focused on white cops in South Africa in the past. The Jews are basically creating the atmosphere for actual REVOLUTION. The Jews are preparing the way for MORE BLACK VIOLENCE and hopefully for revolutions one day. The goal here is to undermine the cops, especially the white cops. This is critical. By quietly, pushing the white cops away from the blacks, it allows more chances for the blacks to do as they please. The real kicker here is that Jews are DELIBERATELY breaking down law and order, especially when a white policeman is at work.

This is all part of the wider breakdown of society that the Jews need in order to create future race wars.

The blacks in South Africa are CONSTANTLY striking and burning and smashing things. We must have had HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of strikes in South Africa in the last 50 years. They are always breaking things.

The sly Jewish filth, are too cowardly to fight the Police or the system themselves, so for them it works much better to put ideas and hatred in the minds of the idiotic blacks and to then set the blacks against the system. The idiotic blacks are then the "bullets" that Jews use against whites.

The blacks in their turn, being stupid enough and ready enough to fall for the Jewish prodding are setting their own race up for their future EXTERMINATION.

It is good that there are ever more white atheists in this world, because the atheists will ultimately prove to be extremely dangerous to our enemies. Here is why I say this.

The time will come when the atheists in our race will sit back, coldly and without emotion and will remark to each other: We have a plague of blacks, that are like a plague of locusts. These people cannot exist in peace. These people are retarding progress. These people are unreliable, and they consume more than they produce. These people are a weight holding us back. Then these atheists will say: they are like a plague of locusts destroying everything and giving us no benefits. Why don’t we kill them, just as we would a massive swarm of locusts?

And quietly, and coldly, white men will work out how to annihilate the blacks and seize everything from them.

It is well within the technical power of our race to annihilate the blacks as a race. What is missing is the emotional and intellectual willpower to kill them.

But that will come.

These blacks are proving themselves UNFIT for civilised existence and the question will be: What can we actually do with them? The answer will be: NOTHING. They are uncooperative, weak and useless.

And that is how the decision will occur to EXTERMINATE the blacks.

The blacks, by believing Jews and easily falling into their traps and then turning on whites, are preparing their very own EXTERMINATION. Our race will outlast them.

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Video: The Art of (((Mis-Management))): The Biggest Con Job that has fooled ALL Whites everywhere!
Whites EVERYWHERE are gradually being fooled regarding leadership and management. Most Whites dont have a clue any more what real, proper, White leadership is like or the tremendous heights it can achieve.

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