THE EXTREMELY RICH JEWS OF SOUTH AFRICA: How much money did Jews in South Africa & Rhodesia send to Israel?

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Even as a kid in Rhodesia, I heard that the Jews, who were mostly Doctors, but also businessmen and mayors, were sending monthly amounts to Israel. They were donating money to some kind of fund inside Israel to "build" the state of Israel. I don’t know all the exact places and mechanisms they were donating with.

Later it was discovered by Rhodesia that Israel under Golda Meir was helping the terrorists in Rhodesia. Rhodesia’s leader, Ian Smith, asked South Africa’s help. South Africa’s President told Israel to stop helping the terrorists OR MONEY FROM JEWS IN SOUTH AFRICA TO ISRAEL WOULD BE STOPPED! The Israeli’s then apologised" and said this was "all a mistake and it would never happen again. So they did not arm the blacks again – that we knew of.

But this threat to cut off monies to Israel clearly really scared the Jews.

Later, in my early internet years when I had a "2nd best Jewish friend in Jerusalem", he told me in emails that "… among the richest Jews who come to Israel, are SOUTH AFRICAN JEWS…."

Now one thing I do not know is of anyone who has made a comprehensive study of the Jews of South Africa. How rich are they really? Nobody has looked at their accumulated wealth.

Now for a very important pont: The Jews of South Africa are 100% FIRM SUPPORTERS OF ISRAEL.

So there is a secondary question: How much money do the 70,000 (or less) population of Jews in South Africa send to Israel annually even right now? How much money does Israel get?

How much money has been sent by the Jews of South Africa (who are much more and much richer than the Jews of Rhodesia were), to Israel?

There are no statistics for any of this.

One of the key issues of Jews everywhere are their links to Israel. I suspect that these Jews see Israel as their "plan B" for if they need to flee from America, Europe, etc.

I think this is an area of important research. Are there any statistics anywhere of how much money Jews, worldwide, have sent to the Apartheid State of Israel?

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