The East German Stasi agent sent to Africa to kill Minister of Foreign Affairs: Pik Botha


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In recent years, I met an old German who used to be in East Germany. East Germany as you will recall was the part of Germany that ended up under the control of the evil (Jewish) Soviet Union. The entire Warsaw Pact composing almost half of Europe fell under this evil country.

During the so-called Liberation wars in Southern Africa the Soviet Union was extremely active. They were the main driving force, along with their ally Communist China.

A few years ago, I happened to meet an old German who now lives in South Africa. He told me that he worked for the East German Stasi. He was quite a fascinating old guy. He had been sent to Angola where the Russians had created a multiracial army composed of Russians, Cubans and Blacks to fight UNITA (a Black pro-Western movement), and also to fight the South Africans who, at the behest of the CIA, were fighting to stop the Blacks of Unita from being totally wiped out.

This old German told me that he had written a book about his experiences and that it was going to be published. I told him, the moment his book is published I want to buy a copy.

He was very cagey and would not answer all my questions.

But in one conversation that we had, he told me that when he was sent to Angola, his key assignment was that he should kill Pik Botha, the Afrikaans man who was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa.

I was very surprised by this, especially since, these days, I regard Pik Botha as a worthless traitor to the Whites. I wondered why the Russians thought Pik Botha was even worth killing since he was such a traitor to us?

So I must admit I don’t know more, and it is a bit of a mystery.

As for the old German, I never got a copy of his book, and later when I tried to contact me, it turns out he’s literally disappeared. We are not sure what happened to him, but we know about a few of the "things" he is involved in, and we suspect that he’s off doing some other work for someone.

But sadly, none of us who know him, know where he is, and none of us have seen his book.

Though someone I know has a bit of his biography written down.

But it was interesting hearing this info from this old Stasi guy. Interestingly, this old German is actually BANNED from setting foot in modern Germany. So that must be quite sad for him, because he loves Germans and Germany, but he’s not allowed to set foot in Germany. It has to do with some naughty stuff he did in his time in East Germany in the Stasi.

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