The Black Jew Ramaphosa & the Govt are LOVING COMMUNISM … telling us everything we can & can’t buy…

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The govt is issuing lists of things we can and can’t buy. I find it hard to believe why we need such specific lists, e.g. with clothing. Why can you buy one type of clothing and not another kind?

Check this out:

Here is the entire list of clothing and bedding you can now buy again under new Level 4 rules
Business Insider SA

May 12, 2020, 08:53 PM

Winter clothing
Retailers may now sell bedding and a bigger range of clothing during Alert Level 4, under new rules published on Tuesday night.

But only items listed may be sold.

The list includes electric blankets and short sleeved t-shirts – as long as they are intended to be used to keep you warm.

Here is the entire list of clothing and bedding you can now buy again in South Africa.

As of Tuesday night South African retailers may sell a bigger range of clothes, and bedding, at Alert Level 4 – but only specific items that appear on a list.

The new rules apply immediately and are specific to Level 4, said trade, industry and competition minister Ebrahim Patel in the Government Gazette.

Patel also on Tuesday night published rules allowing car sales and servicing to restart, in limited fashion.

Here are all the items of clothing and bedding retailers are now allowed to sell.

Anything a baby, toddler, or child can wear.

The regulations allow the sale of "all baby and toddler clothing and footwear" and, similarly, "all children’s wear". But while baby and toddler clothing carries no further explanation, children’s clothing is listed as specifically including:

school wear and school shoes

That list also includes "related accessories" without further elaboration.

Underwear, sleep clothes, and maternity clothing of every kind.
There are no restrictions for three categories of adult clothing: "all maternity wear", "all adult sleepwear and gowns", and "all adult underwear".

The regulations do not mention whether such clothing must serve any specific purpose, decorative or otherwise, and is silent on whether it needs to be warm.

Specific types of adult shoes.
Not all shoes are allowed. Items that may be sold are:

closed-toe heels
closed-toe flat shoes
sneakers and trainers
smart closed-toe shoes
casual closed-toe shoes
Specific types of adult clothing.
Similar to shoes, there is no broad category for adult clothing. Instead only these types of clothing may be sold:

active wear "including gym, running and other exercise apparel"
jackets and coats
long sleeved tops
long sleeved t-shirts
denim jeans and denim jackets
pants (with no mention whether long or short)
skirts (with no mention of length or thickness)
short sleeved knit tops – "where promoted and displayed as worn under cardigans and knitwear"
short sleeved t-shirts – "where promoted and displayed as under garments for warmth"
"crop bottoms worn with boots and leggings"
shirts, both long sleeved and short sleeved – "where displayed and promoted to be worn under jackets coats and/or knitwear"
golf shirts
"one-pieces such as bodysuits"
Adult gloves, belts, and hair accessories.
Allowed accessories are:

shawls and scarves
gym and exercise apparel accessories
hair accessories – with no limitations or further specification.

You may also buy these specific items of bedding.
Allowed bedding items are:

baby bedding and blankets
duvets and "duvet inners"
blankets, comforters, and quilts
mattress protectors
sheets and pillow cases
Electric blankets are also included under the bedding category.


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