The American Elite and Military have a deep fear of Africa and intervening there…


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National Vanguard
This is an excellent American White Racial Website and organisation. This comes from the work of the late Great Dr William Pierce

This is an excerpt from an analysis I sent someone:-

America, interestingly enough, has always had a deep FEAR of Africa. The US Military/Elite/Government steer clear of Africa like crazy. One sees this over and over. It may also be linked to the problem of the 40 million Black idiots in America, and the deep fear the White elite have of the internal unrest and racial nightmares America will have if they intervene in Africa. That Africa is a nightmare for America that it would prefer to stay away from

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White Shop: The Myth of German Villainy by Benton L. Bradberry
This is a FANTASTIC BOOK written by a well travelled American Military Officer. It tears all the lies about the Germans that have been told by the Jews and the Allies to shreds. I have a copy. It is the best book written about the Germans by a non-German since WW2.

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