Special Notes re: Angola, the Portuguese and the Counter-Genocide of the Blacks

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Video: Keeping Whites DOWN: Scientific & Historic FACTS that have to be HIDDEN from Whites
This is a very important video that I put a tremendous amount of effort into. I wanted to summarize scientific and historic facts from 40,000 Years of the history of the European (White) race. This is the story of where we come from and how we came to be what we are, and why we are awesome. We look at thousands of years of the effort of our ancestors.

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WARNING: I have noticed some people are not too happy with this video, but I just want to make some points. In this video I could have stuck with the "action orientated" stuff, that would have shortened it. But, I wanted to ensure that people have a lot of BACKGROUND to the Portuguese and Angola so that they clearly understand what was going on there. This video allows us to cover most of the important things. And I wanted to make sure that people fully grasp in all the finer detail what was going on. In order to create this, I had to "hack together" stuff from different sources. So it also does not flow as it should, but again, I was aiming for detail, because the CONCLUSIONS are the critical part. Regard this as a kind of lecture, rather than entertainment. Someone complained about sound volumes. I checked that too, but there were also places where I made errors, and so I came back later and edited stuff in. I did this as one video, and I will continue in this format, with things that otherwise, in the past, I might have split into a series. I wanted it all in one place. Gathering the info for this, and understanding Angola and the Portuguese is not an easy thing to do, and I did the best that I could with my time. So I had to make compromises. The goal is education. Later, you will see really important things that come from these videos and how they can be extrapolated and used in future planning and thinking for whites, white survival and race war.

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Zimbabwe: Cops hunting for a Black man who had sex with his neighbours Donkey!
If you think we whites have problems, you have no idea what the blacks get up to. Some years ago I came across stories of blacks in Soweto, South Africa having sex with dogs. In this story, Police in Zimbabwe are looking for a Gutu man who was caught having sex with his neighbour‘s donkey.

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