South Africans have spoken: Covid-19 vaccines, unquestionably unconstitutional and fraudulent

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As the Covid-19 waves have decreased, various resultant issues, either ignored or wilfully bypassed in the midst of the pandemic frenzy and subsequent mass vaccination drive, are now coming into focus. Sharply. In July, BizNews published an article by veteran SA journalist Brian Pottinger in which he pointed out that those companies that implemented vaccine mandates may eventually have to face up to their accountability for sequential injury and even possible death resulting from these mandates. But what about the South African government’s culpability? To explore the culpability of both the state and companies that implemented vaccine mandates, BizNews spoke to Dr Herman Edeling. The esteemed neurosurgeon who specialises in a medico-legal practice succinctly laid out the case that the SA government’s move to indemnify vaccine manufacturers for adverse events and death occurring as a result of their vaccines was unquestionably unconstitutional and fraudulent – a fact which can be proven in court. Dr Edeling explained, amongst other things, the Covid-19 vaccination phenomenon which is currently evident across the globe and supported by data as well as the consequences of taking regular boosters.
On BizNews exposing both sides

Many community members voiced appreciation for BizNews’s impartial reporting on Covid-19 vaccines, allowing readers to make their own informed decisions.

Sad Days said; “I love that there are brave intelligent people like Dr Herman Edeling who are prepared to fight back against the greatest medical con we have ever seen. And I love that there are still media outlets like Biznews who have the courage to pursue old-fashioned journalism and are not scared to highlight the truth that people like this doctor are bringing to us.”
On the Covid-19 vaccination phenomenon

It seemed the floodgates had opened with many community members voicing their skepticism of the Covid-19 vaccination and their anger at SA citizens not having been able to provide informed consent.

Black Magic said; “Good honest general practitioners were threatened with losing their medical licences if they publicised vaccine related injuries and deaths. The magnitude of this scam is waaaay beyond the red line. All I can say is fvck News24 and Daily Maverick for their crap journalism and hit pieces. Hats off to Alec and the team for balanced reporting on this stuff.”

Andy O’Gorman said; “It’s hard not to want to be vindictive. All I can be thankful for is that many of my friends (and myself) did not get jabbed.”
“Where is business accountability?”

Many community members seemed convinced most companies would rely on plausible deniability when it comes to potentially being found culpable for the vaccine injuries and deaths of those employees who were vaccinated due to vaccine mandates.

Clarence said; “Where is business accountability for forcing experimental EUA mRNA therapy on their staff?

It is time to take the word “immunity” out of Big Capital and put it back into the definition of “vaccine”.”

Salome Odendaal Du Plessis said; “Truth will come out, sooner or later.”

Mike Gatenby said; “The truth has been out for ages, it’s called science. Sadly some can’t read.”

Octa said; “All the bureaucrats, as well as any corporate entity, involved in promulgating and enforcing the demented rules and regulations are nothing but terrorists and should be charged accordingly. Terrorism definition: the systematic use of terror/fear especially as a means of coercion.

:the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”

Andy O’Gorman said; “Goodbye Discovery!!! Adrian Gore must be forced to pay.”

L532 said; “And also rather evident is the great silence of our medical aid companies about the NHI”


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