South African Madness: Landlines: Telkom increases call rate by 18,544%

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Telkom will increase its wholesale transit rate for UK Mobile Vodafone from R0.301 (+ VAT) to R56.119 (+ VAT) – an 18,544% increase – from 28 December 2021.

This price increase was communicated to Telkom’s clients on very short notice. They were only given seven days, of which three days were public holidays, to prepare for the change.

One telecommunications executive, who spoke to MyBroadband on condition of anonymity, said this is nothing new.

“Telkom has done this multiple times before. With all the public holidays, they are trying to catch wholesale clients out while they’re on leave,” he said.

As many executives are now on holiday, they are unlikely to check their work emails and note the large wholesale transit rate increase.

Telkom previously communicated a similar change before the Heritage Day long weekend, with the higher rates coming into effect immediately after it.

Unless Telkom’s wholesale clients are aware of these changes and address it, they can face big losses for calls to destinations where rates have increased significantly.

MyBroadband asked Telkom for comment about the large wholesale transit rate increase for UK Mobile Vodafone calls, but the company did not respond by the time of publication.


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