South Africa: WAR: LOCKDOWN REBELLION COMING … Whites are very irritated… even Liberal types…

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[Today I was listening to a fascinating voice note from a white English-speaking woman. I will put it on my website. It is a voice note that literally says: I am not encouraging WAR, but… and she goes on to say that millions of us (including no doubt blacks), must rebel against the Govt and force lockdown to end. She claims, erroneously, that the army is 200,000 strong. It is actually 97,000 strong and that includes the reserves. But she was talking about forcing the Govt to end the lockdown. 

The lockdown is killing people financially – as I have said and warned. 
But I'm seeing and hearing more and more about lockdown rebellion. People are growing tired really fast. More and more whites are questioning it. 
So I am very happy with these developments. Below is an example of a whatsapp message from someone organising a campaign against it. You can rest assured whites are behind this. 
I would like us to watch lockdown rebellions in other countries. But here in SA, I think some wilder stuff is coming. I am very happy with this. This is excellent stuff. Jan]

From: End Lockdown <endlockdown9
Date: Sat, May 9, 2020 at 9:25 PM
Subject: Thank you for your email Re: Stupidity of lock down to end

Good day

Thanks for the email

Please continue to ask your friends and Family to send 1 email per
person to endlockdown9 they must say in email

Whatsapp number
We need all that information in order for your voice to be heard

We need 100 000 emails before 15 May 2020 please before 12 noon.
Please do it NOW before it’s too late. We need thousands of emails.

On the 15 May 2020 at 12 noon we email the whole government..over 500
people in government will receive the email. If they don’t end the
Lockdown in 7 days we March. It’s the only way our voices will be
heard and we hand over a memorandum to Government

Please continue to support us by telling your friends and Family and
colleagues to email endlockdown9

If you want more documents about why lockdown must be ended send a
email requesting documents

If you have any questions email us


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