South Africa: Stupidity and never-ending failure is so damned boring…

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2004: S.Africa sells nuclear secrets to RED CHINA
Since the blacks came to power, weve had the Russians here, getting our military technology. Now were helping out those peaceful Chinese communists who threatened to nuke LA. This is a special article from the late Adriana Stuijt in the Netherlands.

I must tell you, when I look at the Liberal nonsense news about what is going on in South Africa I find it so utterly boring. All the endless failure and the endless repetition of all kinds of crap thinking that has never worked and never will work just bores me. We live in a country where failure is increasing, but meaning all the Liberal dolts and assorted idiots and fools keep talking as if we’re capable of incredible things while ignoring mass failure and collapse that never ends. They seem to be blind to the fact that so much has failed and continues to fail.

I find the Liberal mass media to be so utterly worthless. Mostly you have a weak intellectualism based on bad Jewish ideas and assorted nonsense and lies.

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Black Monday in 2017! The Biggest White protest about Farm Murders
128 Photos: The Day of White anger over Farm Murders! STOP KILLING OUR WHITE FARMERS!!! This was the biggest White protest in the history of South Africa. You‘ll be blown away by what Whites did that day!

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