South Africa: How in hell’s name could a fire kill 6 Black Soldiers in a semi-desert? – WERE THEY ALL FAST ASLEEP?

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[This stupid story about 6 soldiers dying in a fire in a semi-desert area really got my goat. I'm convinced this is just pure stupidity, laziness and total incompetence. Jan]

This is what I wrote to a South African supporter who sent me a link:

I was looking at this. I find it really hard to believe that a fire like this killed 6 and injured 3. I don’t know the climate there exactly, but I grew up on a farm and we had fires many times a year with more vegetation and I find it unthinkable that 6 soldiers died in that plus vehicles were burned.

The only thing I can think of is that they were ALL FAST ASLEEP. The photos show a tent and burned out beds. They must *ALL* have been FAST ASLEEP. A fire like that can’t just come out of nowhere and just kill you.

They must have been in a very deep sleep. Fire makes noise, etc. If you ever hear more about the circumstances of the stupid fire please let me know.

This is the ARMY. The ARMY should ALWAYS have someone doing GUARD DUTY. You never get an army where EVERYONE GOES TO SLEEP. But this looks like that to me. And it’s not surprising.

These people are paid a salary and have budgets. You want to tell me they’re so useless they can’t deal with a little bush fire – in a semi-arid area?

And the smoke in the video does not suggest to me high winds hey!!!!

I think they died because they were all fast asleep in a tent. That’s what it looks like to me.


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