South Africa: Freedom Day Public Holiday – Surely NOT FREEDOM FOR WHITES! – Freedom for Thieves!


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[This is from a discussion with one of my Afrikaans supporters. He sent me this note on the Public Holiday they call Freedom Day. It's actually the day the disgusting filthy Black Communist ANC came to rule the country. I ignore the public holidays and don't care. The only one I take seriously is December 16, the anniversary of the Battle of Blood River! That's the only holiday I care about. Other than that, I don't give a shit. Jan]

The supporter wrote:-

Hallo Jan

Hope you are well on this "Freedom day" – surely not freedom for whites – freedom for thieves and corrupt officials.

In any case, I hope it is going well with you.


My reply:-

Hi xx,
I am ok thanks.

I know the feeling my friend. I worked with the non-Whites … snip ….

How are your lot? When you retire will they know what they’re doing?

As for Freedom Day, I didn’t even know it was "Freedom day". For me it’s more like "Slavery day". I never celebrate any of their garbage holidays. The only day of meaning for me is 16th december. Beyond that I don’t give a shit.

All I think of is ways of trying to wake people up and make people realise some things.

I’m doing my utmost to think and act on ways of waking people up.

I’m also busy now, finally with some new website changes.

I found another 50,000 articles in another old database that I can use in the coming months on my websites.

We have to think of Boere freedom. I keep asking myself what options there are. People need to harden themselves.

Take care

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